Proud Supporters of the Legends
Update from President and Board of Directors

Dear Members,

I hope that this message finds everyone safe and in good health.

As the summer winds down, and our athletes look to a long-awaited return to school.  It is also time to reflect on a return to the pool.  First, however, it must be said that there will be a swim season this year, and the Club is planning for a full year of programming.  In the coming days, swim families can expect to see the following:

  • A revised Club Structure.  Coach Roman will circulate the new group descriptions.  The new groups are designed to have objective qualification criteria, room for advancement for qualified athletes, and equitable access to coaching resources.  Most importantly these groups will be designed, trained and coached with a view to maximizing the potential of all swimmers.
  • New group placements.  All members will receive an email announcing group placements for the coming year.  Members are strongly encouraged to consider the new group descriptions, and the group coaching assignments when considering the placement in question.
  • New coaching assignments.  Coach Roman has presented a plan that ensures ALL team members have access to our best coaching resources.
  • A schedule for all group practices.  This is a work in progress.  Given the realities of Covid-19, our schedule may have to change, perhaps with little notice.  The schedule we are presenting is our best-case scenario.  It is possible that practice times, practice locations, and the nature of practices (i.e. dryland vs. pool time) may change to accommodate the dictates of Public Health Officials, the City of St. John’s, or our facility partners.  We will all need to be flexible in the face of such modifications, should they become necessary.
  • A start to the season.  We are working towards a start date of September 7th for competitive groups and September 21st for the pre-competitive groups, subject to confirmation of pool availability.

The Board fully recognizes that the Club is in the midst of significant change while society itself is experiencing considerable upheaval.  That said, we sincerely believe that the strengths and benefits of the Legends community are more important than ever.  We are all feeling the loss of experiences that bring fulfillment to our everyday lives.  This loss is even more acute for our children.  The resumption of Legends programming has the potential to bring back so much of that which has been missing from the lives of our athletes, from the social to the cardiovascular, and everything in between.  Hopefully, we can see a swift and permanent restoration of the full Legends experience.  If circumstances require modifications to that optimal experience, we implore that you exercise patience and understanding. 

We look forward to seeing familiar faces, and some new ones, but most of all we look forward to being back in the water.

Blair Pritchett
President, St. John’s Legends