September Swim Session Registration Instructions

How To Get Registered For Our September Session of Fall Swimming

updated 8/31/2020

(our first month is outdoors before moving indoors)

 If you plan on swimming September with us in any capacity this is vital to read. The following is vital information for you to review. I know it may be a lot but I've tried to keep it down and it should answer most any question you might have. Just please understand how crazy things are and how hard we are working to make this all work. Thanks.

Franklin County Public Health Department Clearance

Note that on Tuesday, August 18, GCSTO's COVID safety guidelines, procedures and protocols were given complete support and clearance by a 4-member panel of the FCPH department. Everyone associated with our program is reminded to follow these to a "T". They can be found under the NEWS section of our web site or you can download a copy HERE.


Pools For This Session

Northland Swim Club/NSC (5006 Almont Drive, Cols. OH 43229) - outdoor 6+ lane heated 50M pool & diving bay. We will be using lane 7 (regular 50M lane but with steps at one end) and the diving bay at times at NSC to help facilitate numbers, if needed.  

Westerville Jaycees Pool/WJC (230 S. Otterbein Ave., West. OH 43081) - outdoor 7 lane heated 25M pool

Dates For This Session

August 31 to Sept. 27. We will not practice on Monday, Sept. 7 (Labor Day) just FYI.

Days & Times

Northland: Mondays and Wednesdays from 6-8 pm - Levels 3, 4 & 5 (arrive 5:50 for


                 Saturdays & Sundays from 9-11 am - Levels 3, 4 & 5 (arrive 8:50 for check-in)

Westerville Jaycees: Mondays- Novice from 6-7 pm, Level 1 from 7-8 pm and Level 2 from

                      6-7:30 pm (Novice & Level 2 arrive 5:50 week 1 and 5:40 weeks 3 & 4 while 

                      Level 1 should arrive at 6:50 week 1 and 6:40 weeks 3 & 4)

                  Tuesdays - Level 1, 2 & 3 from 6-7:30 pm (arrive 5:50 week 1 and 5:40 weeks

                      2, 3 & 4)

                  Wednesdays - Level 1 from 6-7:00 pm & Level 2 from 6-7:30 pm (arrive 5:50

                      week 1 and 5:40 weeks 2, 3 & 4)

                  Thursdays - Levels 3, 4 & 5 from 6-8:00 pm (arrive 5:50)

                  Fridays - Novice from 6-7 pm, Level 1 from 7-8 pm and Level 2 from

                      6-7:30 pm (Novice & Level 2 arrive 5:50 week 1 and 5:40 weeks 2, 3 & 4

                      while Level 1 should arrive at 6:50 week 1 and 6:40 weeks 2, 3 & 4)

                  Saturdays - Novice & Level 1 from 12:30-1:30 pm, and Level 2 from

                      12:30-2:00 pm (All swimmers arrive at 12:20 week 1 and 12:10 weeks 2, 3

                      & 4)

                  Sundays - Novice & Level 1 from 12-1:00 pm, and Level 2 from 12-1:30 pm

                      (All swimmers arrive at 11:50 week 1 and 11:40 weeks 2, 3 & 4)


Registration Procedures

Session E-Registration/'Scheduling Fee: $15 regardless of how many days you end up swimming this initial amount will be due. All athletes regardless of Level or program (meaning SCOS registrants, as well) are responsible for this fee.

USA Swimming Seasonal Fee (for anyone NOT currently registered with USA Swimming): $20 which is a “Flex” membership with USA Swimming that will last you the rest of 2020 and all of 2021. However, it will limit you to 2 sanctioned in-state meet competitions during the course of your membership but it IS transferable to a full membership if you do more meets. Anyone participation in more meets or planning on participating beyond in-state competitions will be required later in the fall season to get a full membership with USA Swimming.     

Hourly Training Fee: $7 per hour for any swimmer signing up for 5 or more days of swimming each week. $7.50 per hour for any swimmer signing up for 3-4 days of swimming each week. $8.00 per hour for any swimmer signing up for 1-2 days of swimming each week. Families with multiple swimmers will receive a $0.50 discount per hour off of their 2nd swimmer, a $1.00 discount per hour off their 3rd swimmer and any subsequent swimmer from there for this session. Senior dryland is required and automatically charged at $1.50 per practice. Junior dryland is required and automatically charged at $1.00 per practice.  

You will be billed for your reserved training spot whether or not you choose to attend that day due to the high demand for training positions. Remember that if you pick M, W & Th as an example that you are reserving all of those days for the session and not just a date here and a date there. We are operating 4 days per week at NSC with 3 groups which could lead to 12 different weekly rosters (4 different swimmer rosters for Level 3, 4 for Level 4 & 4 for Level 5). At WJC we're going 7 days per week with 2-3 groups each time for 19 different weekly rosters that we have to develop. That's 31 rosters for 1 week and we cannot also then change those every week for 4 weeks in a row. That'd be around 124 different rosters if we changed even 1 thing each day so we want to keep rosters as consistent as we can from week to week especially for COVID tracking purposes.   

Booster Club Fees: GCSTO normally charges a booster club fee at the start of each fall season as part of our annual registration fee but since this is a 1 month session we will hold off on this fee and our annual registration fee until we start our indoor season.


Registration Opening Dates

Current & New Team Members: Friday, August 21, 2020

Immediately upon registration you will email me with your location, days and time preference for this third session for your swimmer(s). Be specific… “Steve, Level 4, Mondays & Wednesday at 6:00-8:30 p.m. at NSC and Thursdays at 6:00-8:00 p.m. at WJC” is what we need to see. Give me all days and locations that you wish to reserve.

      From there we will build a list of each day, each time and each location plugging in registered swimmers as their emails come to me. We will check the email day and time and then see if they are indeed registered. If so, we will then plug them into a slot. Using this process we will build the roster of each swimmer registered for each day at each pool. We will then notify registrants of what these rosters look like as the process proceeds. As long as spots are open we will fill them. Once we hit our max we will put swimmers on a waiting list for that day, time and location.

      NOTE: Remember that once you are assigned to a location, day and training time that you are bound to that location, day and training time. You cannot switch days or locations for whatever reason once we have everyone assigned. This is to insure that we never go over our maximums and so that we have utterly consistent training groups all the way through for COVID tracking purposes in the event that it is needed.   

Once this schedule is set we will then invoice your account for the time you have reserved in session and push that payment through.

Important Notes

1 - The schedule is set up according to our "Level" designations. You should start in the level you finished at with us in the fall or in the summer if you swam unless you've been informed of a level move for your athlete. If you are new and do not know your level please contact me with your swimmers age, previous swimming background (days per week/hour per day) and even their times and I can properly place them.

2 - The SCOS designation means this is our "Save Central Ohio Swimming" program. It may well be swimmers of all ability levels so we don't really have a breakdown within that yet. This is not meant for current team members as this is meant for swimmers who may only swim with us through the end of this session (displaced Y swimmers, displaced USA swimmers from other teams like ours, pre-season high school swimmers and such). Any of our former swimmers from summer on back and all swimmers who have been promised a spot on the team through private invitation who are planning on training with us throughout the year should choose to swim with their appropriate level. Our first choice of location for this program is NSC but we may well need to move this over to WJC due to financial restrictions so just be aware of that.  

3 – If we fill up with certain levels at certain times within our normal levels we will allow overflow into the SCOS group with these swimmers if we can launch that program with the proper needed staffing. Regular “level” swimmers who absolutely cannot make certain practices with their level may also opt to choose a SCOS practice slot if we are able to launch that program, as well. 

4 – We will definitely maintain some flexibility for families with multiple swimmers in terms of being able to consolidate training days for their family. Too, if we do not fill up a day with the levels listed we will look at accepting athletes from the abutting levels into that session. Example: A Level 1 & Level 2 practice doesn’t fill and has 3 spots open. If those can be filled by all Level 3 swimmers or even a mixture of Level 3 swimmers with the Level 2 group and advanced Novice swimmers with the Level 1 group we will consider doing so.

5 – If spots still all don’t fill in a assigned level practice we may well allow a SCOS athlete to register for those spots.

NOTE: Past members who absolutely cannot start in September who want to swim anytime from October will not lose their spot to a new family even if that family is in our September session as long as they register for the (beyond September) fall session for their athletes.

Indoor Swimming

Our goal is to start indoors Sept. 28 sometime within that week indoors. That will be entirely up to Columbus Academy as to that date when we start there as they are just finishing up some construction details within the pool and with St. Charles as to whether or not SC decides to allow outside rentals. Once this September session is over there will be no more outdoor swimming.

Pre-Post Practice Dryland Schedule

Once we iron the in-water portion of this all down we will then look to how we can get back to doing a pre or post water dryland as we've done in the past IF it can be done based on facility guidelines and restrictions. We'll let you know of that aspect of things as this unfolds.

Dryland Swim Gym Schedule

Once we see how everything is going we'll finalize this as well. We will begin to build that schedule in the days ahead.

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