Lap swim sign-ups are at the bottom of this email and this lap swim signup will run from Aug 24-Sept 6.


PRIVATE SWIM LESSONS:  Sign up on-line now (use link below)--- Weekends too. Aug 22-Sept 6

They will run simultaneously during Parent/Tot lessons.  They will be run in the deep end or at mid pool.

Private lessons have been very popular this summer. Use the link below to look at the schedule and sign up.  If you are interested in 25 minute private swim lessons they will be offered between 10:30a-1p Monday-Friday starting on the top of the hour and half passed the hour.  The cost is $15 per 25 minute lesson. Please contact Kerry at for questions.  Unfortunately at this time these lessons will be taught with the swimmer in the water and the instructor out of the water.  Needless to say if your swimmer cannot swim they cannot take lessons at this time as this is called out in the guidelines that we must follow from the state.

PARENT/TODDLER LESSONS - August 22- September 6-Still some availability.

Feel free to sign up for a class that best fits your child's skills and abilities.  We will certainly do our best to taylor the lessons based on who signs up for a particular class.

Please go out to our homepage to get the link.  It is on the home page on the far right in the “News” section dated 8/18.

Parent/Baby - 6 months and up. Very beginner. No prior swim lesson experience. Teachings: Water familiarization and water safety skills.

Parent/Tot - 18 plus months.  Beginner.  Comfortable in water but needs parents support at all times. Teachings: Basic swimming and water safety skills.

Parent/Child -3  plus.  Ready to swim, enjoys the water but needs some support.  Comfortable with letting go and trying to swim independently. Teachings: Ready to swim skills and water safety.

If you have questions regarding what class to assign your child too please contact, Maddie Johnsen at

Single one-day Lessons -Members can sign up for as many classes as they want.  Cost $5 each.  Duration is 25 minutes. As with lap swim if you sign up please show up. Please pay at the door. 

Ratio 1:1. Parent to child (no exceptions)  Instructor will be out of the water.  Maximum number  in each class will be 5 Parent/Tot groups to one instructor.  

Time Frame:  3 weeks straight. Everyday. 10am-1pm.  August 22-Sept 6

Please remember this is uncharted territory!  Teaching in this capacity is new to us and we will do our best to support these lessons.


DIVE LESSONS: Only a few spots left.  Please email Kerry at if interested in signing up.

Kathleen's son, Declan and one of our older divers, Lauren Jaffe will be teaching.

One week only.  All levels are welcome to sign up.  $25 for all week, Monday-Friday.  August 24-28th.


We are looking into hosting a socially distanced Normandy Park only swim meet on September 12.  To support COVID restrictions, swimmers will be broken into age groups, one parent/guardian can accompany a swimmer, and swimmers only on deck.  This is open to any swimmer, and swimmers can choose which individual events they would like to swim.  If interested, please email by August 30th.  More details to come.

LAP SWIM SIGN-UPS for the weeks of August 24-September 6

IF YOU SIGN UP…SHOW UP!  If you can’t make your scheduled time please cancel your reservation in plenty of time so that others can take your spot. To those that do cancel…..thank you for cancelling spots ahead of time as it frees up spaces for others to use.  It is very much appreciated.

Also….if your child cannot swim laps INDEPENDENTLY they cannot be at lap swim. Exceptions to the 12+ are only being made if your child can swim WITHOUT help.  Needing to be supported by a parent while on a kick board does not qualify as an independent swimmer.

Please use the link below to sign up for a Lap Swim Reservations for  August 24-Sept 6th.   Also, please read the instructions below carefully.

ONE SPOT PER FAMILY PER DAY.  To utilize the pool to capacity, exceptions will be made if a family wants to sign up for more than one spot in one day.  A second reservation can be made day-of if made within one hour prior to the start of that session. IF the family does sign up for back to back sessions they will still need to clear the pool to give the guards like to clean and check in the next session of participants. You are allowed to sign up your family for 2 spots per week, at least one day in advance.  One spot equals one lane and can accommodate up to 3 family members at a time.  In addition to your two spots per week reserved ahead of time, you can sign up for additional spots if they are available day-of.  Day-of spots can be reserved starting at 6AM that day. A second day of spot can be reserved one hour prior to the session.  Swimmers must be 12+ years old and/or must be able to actively lap swim.  If you can't make your scheduled reservation, please cancel or reschedule by 6AM day-of so that you can maintain your allocated spot for the week and others can have an opportunity to use that spot.

Questions, please email Kerry, the Pool Manager, at

Please know that we are working very diligently and we are trying our hardest to make the best of a bad situation.  Please be patient and kind with us while we charter through new territory with COVID-19 and a new facility.  Please also note that everything outlined in this email is subject to change at any time.



(Updated 7-1-2020)

These rules will be amended per current CDC guidelines and as we transition into better practices.

BEFORE COMING TO THE POOL     - Take a shower at home and consider applying sunscreen before coming as your time on the deck is limited

ENTERING THE FACILITY     - All Members must sign in one at a time. Please, social distant yourself and wait for the supervisor to check you in.

SANITIZE YOUR HANDS UPON ENTERING     - This is highly recommended.

BEFORE ENTERING THE FACILITIES YOU MUST WEAR A MASK     - If you do not have a mask, you will be provided with one. This is state-mandated.

HEALTH CHECK AND COVID SCREENING     – All Members must sign a one-time COVID Waiver.  Then all Members will be screened upon entrance. You may have your temperature check as an extra precaution. You may not enter the facilities if you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms or answer YES to any of our COVID Health questions.  You will be asked to not come back for two weeks or provide us a with a negative COVID test result.

ENTERING THE POOL DECK     - You may put your supplies down/by on the chair/cone behind your lane.  You may not put your items in the restrooms or bleachers unless you are staff.

RESTROOMS     - Please, advise the COVID-19 Supervisor in the office that you need to use the restroom. They will unlock the door for you. The only restroom that will be available is the Family Bathroom….and just the toilet and sink will be available for Emergencies only.

DECK     - MAINTAIN 6’ DISTANCE at all times

·         Masks must be worn at all times unless in the water.

·         No congregating

·         During this Phase 2, you should not be on the pool deck unless you are an employee, maintenance, or participating in physical activity. 

·         Parents of swim team parents should remain in your car to help with social distancing

·         If you need to observe your child, you may do so by following the social distancing guidelines, wear a mask, and follow a rule of only 1 parent per child, with siblings if necessary. Suggested seating would be on the bleachers.


·         If you need to use the stairs to enter or exit, please wait until other swimmers are not in the way.

·         Restrooms are for using the toilet. NO SHOWERS AND NO CHANGING CLOTHES unless approved by the supervisor.

·         Touch as little as possible to cut down on any extra exposure or contact

·         Remember you must MAINTAIN 6 FEET AT ALL TIMES even in the water!

·         Swim in the center of your lane (Unless with a family member)

·         While swimming with a family member, it is important that you do not stand side by side at the end of the lane. Always stay on the marked black line on the bottom of the pool floor.

·         REFRAIN FROM YELLING UNLESS THERE IS AN EMERGENCY (This means do not yell over to your friend in Lane 3 if you are in Lane 6).



Thank you for following these guidelines and know that these rules may change weekly as our state goes into different Phases. These rules are in addition to the posted pool rules.