Additional Swim Ireland Guidance


Dear Clubs,


We write to you to provide additional guidance on the measures announced by the Government on Tuesday 18th August, advice which covers the period of 18th August through to 13th September. Please note that this applies to the Republic of Ireland only and the restrictions imposed on Kildare, Laois and Offaly continue to apply.


Swim Ireland have sought clarification from Sport Ireland to ensure we are providing clubs with the most accurate information to enable you to continue with club activities during this period.  We continue to take a cautious approach in an effort to reduce risk to our club members and to hopefully avoid any return to more stringent measures.



  • Total/overall indoor gym, facility, pool use can remain at the previous maximum levels of 50 persons. 
  • Clubs should be extra vigilant of potential congestion points such as entrance/exit points, changing rooms and reception areas ensuring that social distancing and other public health measures are always maintained.
  • We recommend that club members (those 13 years of age and over) wear face coverings in the facility, in the changing rooms and until they reach poolside to further reduce any risk of infection.  The same also applies to transit from the pool to the outside of the facility.
  • Swimming can continue in pods/lanes of a maximum of 6 people once sufficient space is available and strict public health protocols are in place.  This requirement is based on a pool 25m in length or longer. 50m pools can no longer operate with lanes of 7 or more athletes during this period.  Please refer to the  Return to Water Framework – Swimming  for guidance on swimmers per lane as this does vary for pools of a different length.
  • Dry land/ gym training can continue indoors in multiple pods of 6 people once sufficient space is available and strict public health protocols are in place.
  • Dry land/ gym training can continue outdoors in multiple pods of 15 people once sufficient space is available and strict public health protocols are in place.
  • Where possible, clubs should endeavour to keep athletes within the same pod for dry land and aquatic activities on any one day. We do recognise that this is challenging to implement on a day to day basis, as numbers of athletes may change per session, and we expect that there will be some movement within pods over the course of a week. However, such movement must be minimised as much as possible
  • Gatherings, including social gatherings, before or after sessions must be avoided.  Club members should be reminded that visitors to their home or garden should be limited to not more than 6 people from not more than 3 households. 
  • Where possible, car-pooling should once again be avoided and the use of face masks where is cannot be avoided is strongly recommended.


Events, including open water, can continue without spectators

  • The 6 indoor /15 outdoor participant restrictions do not apply to competition, events, or tournaments. However, the 50 indoor and 200 outdoor requirements do apply.
  • Swim Ireland and club events planned up to 13th September 2020 should go ahead as planned with strict public health measures and protocols in place. No Spectators should attend these events.


As always, we do appreciate your continued diligence and support.  If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.





Damien Fitzpatrick

Munster Support Officer

+353 (0)86 0619452