Statement from KISL Executive Committee


25 August, 2020

Wow, what a year 2020 has been so far!  As you are certainly aware, the continuing global pandemic is affecting our lives in a myriad of ways…and high school/middle school swimming & diving is no exception. I wish we could tell you we have a solid plan for our way forward, and answers to all your your questions, but we cannot.  So here is our view as of today.

Perhaps the most significant concern we have is the unsettled picture as to pool time availability for both practice and meets.  Pool availability is a problem for teams across all of Tennessee as we look towards swimming in the fall.  As the KISL region encompasses a large geographic area, we are seeing significant differences between our teams regarding expected pool availability.  Some of our teams see limited but available lanes for practice/meets while other teams are unsure if they will have any pool time at all.

An additional significant concern this fall is the ever-changing nature of the spread of the virus in different areas of the state.  State and Local Health department guidelines and restrictions make it hard to guess what the situation will be in any given county or city in our region.  Also each school system, and sometimes even individual schools, may have significantly different restrictions on the athletic activities of their students.

So, as of today, we are quite unsure of the path ahead.  I think it is safe to say that we expect some changes from what has been our ‘normal’ swimming and diving schedule.  For the high school programs a significant issue for planning our local activities will be decisions by the state organization, TISCA, as it applies to the state championship meet.  The TISCA Board of Directors is expected to meet in the near future to discuss possible changes to the state championship meet.  Once TISCA has resolved their direction then we, as KISL, will be in a position to better plan our local activities. 

Our hope is to have a plan in place by the second week of September.  That said, it must be understood that any plan(s) we make in the next week or two may be completely destroyed by events surrounding the continuing pandemic in our state.  Many of the issues that will determine our path ahead are completely outside the control of KISL or its member teams.  We, your KISL Executive Committee, will do our best to provide a safe and meaningful season for our teams and their athletes.  Please bear with us as we navigate these unprecedented times.


Tom Schumann, President, Knox-area Interscholastic Swim League