September Newsletter (September calendar and practice times)

September Calendar and Practice Times

Annual Dues Update: September 1st
Reminder, all dues increase by $2.50/month on September 1st of each year. For current members, this will be reflected on October invoices.

Labor Day Weekend: September 5th -7th
No Saturday AM or Monday PM practices. Blue 1 will have a make up practice on Friday, the 11th, from 6:30 - 7:10.


Current restrictions continue to affect our practice schedules. Except for Gold/Platinum, there will continue to be only one group in the water at a time. Below are the practice times beginning August 28th and extending through September, or until further notice (except for Friday Platinum, Gold and Silver* practices, this is the same practice schedule as used in August). 

3:30 - 4:45 PM, Monday-Thursday
3:30 - 5:00 PM, Friday

7:45 - 9:00 PM, Saturday

Silver (Early)
4:45 - 5:40 PM, Monday-Thursday
5:00 - 6:00 PM, Friday*

5:40 - 6:20 PM, Monday-Thursday

6:30 - 7:10 PM,
Blue 1 Monday & Wednesday
Blue 2 Tuesday & Thursday

Silver (Late)
7:15 - 8:10 PM, Monday - Thursday
5:00 - 6:00 PM, Friday*

*For a trial period, Silver swimmers will be returning to the former Friday practice times, in which both Silver groups practice together on Fridays, from 5:00-6:00. Because Silver practice attendance is typically low on Fridays, we believe this should 1) not cause the practice group to exceed the maximum limits that allow for the required distancing of swimmers, and 2) improve the practice experience for the swimmers by increasing the number of participants at Friday practices.

Practice Rules / COVID-19

In light of the current restrictions and guidelines, we are adhering to the same rules that we previously adopted to continue practices and they are as follows:

1) If you have COVID-19, have symptoms of COVID-19, or have been around someone diagnosed with COVID-19, you will not be allowed to participate.
  • Some symptoms include fever and/or cough, please consult the CDC website for a comprehensive list (all employees will also be screened each day).

2) Locker rooms will be closed, except as needed for emergency restroom use only.

  • Swimmers must arrive and leave in their suits.
  • Swimmers should enter the gate with their cap already on, so as to limit person-to-person contact as much as possible.
  • Swimmers are encouraged to use the restroom before coming to the pool.
  • No more than one swimmer should use the restroom facilities at a time.

3) Parents are not allowed on the pool deck/within the fence.

  • Parents are allowed to observe from outside of the fence, but are encouraged to maintain 6 feet of separation from other parents at all times.
  • The bleachers outside of the fence are closed, please do not sit on these.
  • Parents are also permitted to wait in their cars, if this is preferable.
  • If you need to speak with a coach, please make an appointment by emailing

4) Parents should not leave the location during practice.

  • Swimmers will be required to leave the gate immediately at the conclusion of practice, and will then be assumed to be under their parent's supervision.

5) Swimmers will be given specific instructions for maintaining appropriate distancing in the facility during practice. Any swimmer who fails to comply with the instructions given by their coach will be asked to leave practice.

  • There will be separate entry and exit gates.
  • Swimmers will not be allowed to enter the designated entry gate until 5 minutes before their start times. 
  • Swimmers are expected to maintain 6’ distances both inside and outside of the gate. No congregating.
  • The bleachers inside the gate will not be for seating, these will only be used for swim bags and towels, and will be sanitized between practice groups.
  • During practice, swimmers will be given assigned spots in a lane to maintain throughout the practice time. Members of the same household will be allowed to share a place in the lane.

6) Swimmers MUST bring their own goggles, or they will not be permitted to swim. We will not be loaning any goggles or allowing swimmers to share equipment. 

  • Swimmers are encouraged to bring their own additional equipment. 
  • If a swimmer does not have their own equipment, there will be kick boards and pull buoys provided.
  • There will be a drop off point for borrowed kick boards and buoys, so that they can be sanitized.
  • Fins and hand paddles will not be provided. These items should not be needed for the first week. Email if you would like equipment recommendations (Blue group swimmers do not need fins and paddles).
  • Each swimmer will have a designated spot to store their equipment on the pool deck, but any personal equipment should be very clearly labeled with your swimmer’s name.
  • Equipment bags are not allowed to be left at the pool after practice. If you have an equipment bag that was left at the pool before the closure, it should be taken home after your first practice.
We appreciate your cooperation and patience as we continue to navigate practice amidst the current regulations and guidelines. We hope to create an environment where everyone feels comfortable, while having fun practicing with their teammates. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.
Due to the time restraints placed on our program by current restrictions and guidelines, we are unable to schedule year-round swim lessons at this time. We will do our best to resume lessons as soon as possible, and we have an email subscription list to notify you when new classes are open for registration. The email sign up list, as well as more information on our lessons, can be found here.

A Note from the Coach:

We hope everyone is getting readjusted to the new school year and practice schedules. We know that competition is a vital part of sport in general, and a great motivator for our athletes. At present, we have still not seen any easing of restrictions that might allow us to return to regular competition in the foreseeable future. We have begun testing alternative, intrasquad meet formats, so that swimmers can begin racing and competing for times, and hope to begin offering these to the different practice groups in the coming month. We appreciate your patience as we work out these details. We hope to return to something normal soon.



New events will be announced soon!

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