Coach's Announcement

Good evening, Marlin Families! 

I hope you are all well and bearing up peacefully as school has started or will start. We are planning for a good year at the Marlins, despite restrictions, and we look forward to welcoming your swimmer back in the water. 
We had a surprisingly successful summer season. We were in the water for a full 10-weeks with no cases of Covid, and even got to compete in an officially sanctioned USA swimming home meet! I didn't think either of those (the length of the season and the meet) would be possible. From higher up at USA swimming, I heard that while there were a few confirmed Covid cases on swim teams around the country, not a single team had an "outbreak" or cases that led back to the swim team as the source of exposure. This is very hopeful news for us going into this fall. If we continue to follow safety protocol, we can keep our swimmers, families, and coaches safe. 
Coaching Staff News: Coach Grace and I will be returning to coach this fall. Coach Becca graduated high school and has moved on to college, and Coach Char and Coach Dawn will not be returning to coach with us. They will both make appearances on deck as subs here and there, and might return in a future season, but they both have busy years ahead and need to take a break from the pool deck. This means that we are currently hiring for one or two replacements for our beginning Developmental Group. If you know of anyone, please put them in touch with me! We've been reaching out to various friends of the team and will be posting a job ad soon. We also welcome a new assistant coach to the team who will be helping with the senior group on nights when I am not on deck, Katie Morris. She swam Division I at Moorhead and coached the swim team there for six years. I am very excited to have her join our staff. In personal news, I am expecting my 4th baby in January, so you can expect that I will be absent after New Years for 4-6 weeks, but back in time for the end of season and State Meets!
Pre-Season: This year we will be offering a 5-week pre-season for the  Intermediate and Senior Groups beginning on September 8 right after Labor Day. It will be at our normal time from 6:00-7:30 pm. Swimmers can come to any night. We will be putting only 3-4 swimmers per lane and maintaining 6 feet of distance by having some swimmers in the water at the flags and at either end of the pool. Those swimmers who swam with us this summer caught on easily to these patterns. I will send more out on safety protocols next week. Registration for pre-season will open September 8. We will wait to add Developmental until October 12 when our main season begins, once we hire more coaches. The pre-season will be covering technique and getting swimmers back into shape after the month break. If you have questions, please contact me! If you plan to join us for pre-season, please send me an email so we can plan accordingly. 
Mini-Marlins: We plan to continue our mini-Marlin program which we started last year. We will start a 7-week Mini-Marlin session on Monday, September 14, from 6:00-6:45 p.m. We have limited space for only 8 swimmers due to Covid limitations. We are trying to add a similar Tuesday session (and another group of 8), but are waiting to finalize. We have a separate email going out to Mini-Marlin families, if you are interested in being put on that email for a younger swimmer, please let me know. 
Main Season: We plan to start the full team officially on October 12. Due to Covid restrictions, we won't have a "free week" this year, but rather an "evaluation week." Since we can't have an unlimited number of swimmers all showing up on the same night, we will do an evaluation for each swimmer in a more orderly way. We are still working out the details of what this will look like (such as signing up for a specific evaluation day), but I will have details out at least two weeks ahead of that date. We are going to restrict the team to 30 swimmers in the pool at a time (3-4 per lane) as long as Covid concerns are pressing in our community. Some of the possibilities we will weigh for doing this is limiting Developmental swimmers during the regular season to only two practices per week and Intermediate to three practices. Another possibility will be not imposing any restrictions, but pushing our intermediate and senior groups to later in the evening like we did this summer, from 7:15-8:45 p.m. It will depend on the number of our registrations in October. 
Fees: For pre-season, the fee will be $75 for the first swimmer in a family/$50 for all additional. For our main season, all fees will be the same as last year, both our one-time registration fee and our monthly. We will be requiring that all swimmers purchase their own equipment this year, again, due to Covid protocol. Depending on your group level, it ranges from $50 for seniors to purchase everything they will need to $32 for Developmental. The mesh bags are optional if you have something else to carry the swimmers' equipment. You can purchase these things directly through our team store on  Swim Outlet. We will expect that all swimmers joining us for pre-season will have their equipment with them on the first day. 
Please email with any questions! We look forward to seeing our swimmers on the deck soon!

Coach Alicia