Hey Stingrays!

If you don't have a swimmer currently enrolled, you can still read this! Or not. But hey...I miss all of you. And let's face it. You miss me too. We'll be using our Team Unify news to get you any news we have as we make progress toward normalcy. So don't send this to your spam filter just yet. wink

For those of you currently enrolled in our August/September session, we have a few changes to the practice schedule. Please take note.

The schedule at the BEECHVIEW practice site is changing slightly since we have a lot of kids unable to attend in the morning due to Farmington Schools starting up.

Gold/Senior @ BVSC:

  • Monday thru Friday: 9:15-10:45am

Silver/Bronze/Miniray @ BVSC:

  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday: 9:45-10:45am (Miniray out at 10:30am)

Saturday/Sunday/Monday: NO PRACTICES


The schedule at MEADOWBROOK practice site is the same for Monday-Friday, but Saturday practice is changing:

Gold/Senior @ MCC:

  • Monday: 8:15-9:45am
  • Tuesday/Thursday: 9:00-10:00am
  • Wednesday/Friday: 7:30-9:00am

Silver/Bronze/Miniray @ MCC:

  • Monday: 10:00-11:00am (Miniray out at 10:45am)
  • Tuesday, Thursday: 10:15-11:15am (Miniray out at 11:00am)


  • SR/Gold - 8:00-9:30am (no change)
  • SV/BR/Mini - 9:45-10:45am (miniray out at 10:30)

Sunday & Monday: NO PRACTICES


I know many of you obtained or re-instated your YMCA memberships for this swim team session. The YMCA will require 10 days notice to cancel your membership. It is my sincere hope and prayer that we will have indoor pools open before the current swim session ends, which will give us an opportunity to run a fall session indoors. I promise to keep you well informed as the situation progresses.

Also, I’ve had a number of emails and calls with questions, and while I attempt to answer all of them it occurred to me that many of you might not know who I am or what my role is. Normally this gets rolled out at our parent meeting in early fall, but that’s not scheduled yet due to the current state of affairs. So…for those of you that don’t know…

My name is Wendy Sanders. My daughters, Erin and Casey, started swimming with FFYS in 2011, making this our tenth season with the team! Erin now swims for Olivet College as a freshman. Casey is still a member of FFYS, and is currently swimming for her high school, North Farmington. I work full-time as an engineer at a company based in Novi, but am currently working mostly from home due to Covid. I am NOT an employee of the YMCA. I am simply a parent volunteer. All of the things I do and all of the information I have I gather from our coaches and our YMCA employees, and then I try to get the info to you. But I’m a volunteer. And I’m telling you this so that you understand that while I have MOST of the answers, I won’t have them all. But I’ll help you find the answers you need! I am a former and current swimmer (YMCA since age 7, high school, college, masters), so I speak “swimming” and I speak “parent”. I can help bridge the gap if you have swimming questions.

So, if you have questions, fire away! But please be patient…a lot of what we’re doing in new to ALL of us!

See you soon, Stingray Nation!