Fall Registration

Our fall season is here and we are so excited to return to school and get back in the water! Please read through the following items so we are prepared for the new season:

Skyline Swimming Pool

The Skyline pool is up and running. Both the Skyline and Granite School District administrations have assured us that they are committed to keeping our pool functioning until the new pool opens in April of 2022. Our pool will continue to require repairs and regular maintenance and we are working hard to improve district to Skyline to EAT communication about pool maintenance.

High School Swimmers (Nationals)

High School EAT practices started this week and are held from 2:30-4:30 Monday-Friday. High School students who swim in September in the afternoons are required to register with Eagle Aquatic Team and pay September dues. The official high school swim season starts in October and ends in February. During this time high school swimmers will not pay dues to EAT. If you choose to swim with EAT after the high school season ends in March the monthly EAT fees will resume. Morning practices are for high schoolers only and are unrelated to EAT.

Age Group Swimmers (Novice, Juniors and Seniors)

Age Group swimmers begin practice Monday, August 31.

Seniors 4:30-6:30

Juniors 4:30-6:00

Novice 5:30-6:30


While fall practices have already begun, registration will be open after Labor Day. Please plan on sending your swimmer to practice even though registration is not yet open. You will receive an email when registration opens. Please sign and bring the attached COVID form. Your swimmer must have a signed copy to be able to swim.


EAT will be following all Granite School District COVID procedures including:

· Wiping down all high touch surfaces

· Leaving doors open

· Requiring anyone at the pool to wear a mask when not in the water

· Social Distancing by standing 6 feet apart on the deck and behind the blocks

· Keeping swimmer gear six feet apart

· Maintaining the district requirement of a minimum of 2.0 ppb for chlorine levels in the pool to inactivate the virus in the water.

· High schoolers will not be using mesh bags but will be allowed to keep gear in their bucket.

· Age group swimmers are asked not to dress or shower in the lockers rooms because our locker rooms are small, enclosed and poorly ventilated spaces. High schoolers will have different rules regarding locker rooms per the district. Bathrooms will be available.

We highly recommend swimmers have their own equipment. If swimmers need to borrow a pull buoy or kickboard they will be required to wipe them down with the bleach spray after practice. A list of equipment can be found here:

Eagle Aquatic Team Board Changes

This year we are building; a new Skyline, a new pool, a new EAT board and of course we want to continue to build great kids and great swimmers! With a new EAT board, opportunities to be involved and volunteer are coming soon. Want to be involved right away? Please contact me at

Skyline Water Polo

Interested in trying out the awesome sport of water polo? Skyline has teams for boys and girls of all ages from elementary school through high school! Check out their website at They are going to be fun to watch!

This is going to be amazing year. Can’t wait to see you all in the water Monday!

Eagle Aquatic Team