Fall Schedule

 The new Fall schedule will start on Tuesday Sept 7th!! Please keep in mind that this will always be a work in progress and likely to change as government guidelines change.  The ultimate goal is to get as many kids in the water within the limitations!  Please contact me with any questions or change requests and I will make every effort to accomodate!

Thank you!!


    CWU Swim Times    
Gold/Sr   5:30am-7:30am Monday thru Friday    
      Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri
  Emily Holt            
  Dylan Moore          
  Joslyn Rice          
  Gryffin Rice          
  Allie Rinehart          
  Brooke Bensen          
  Ila Child            
  Macey Holloway T/W/T          
  Anna Wersland          
  Faith Wersland          
  Maggie Wersland          
  Elysia Namulick          
  Sydney Dick          
Silver 1   4:00 pm-5:00pm Monday thru Friday  
  Brynlee Weber          
  Sarah Johnson          
  Heidi Rizor          
  Will Hyatt            
  Liam Pritchett           
  Luke Pritchett           
  Cami Ford            
  Whalen Kunzmann           
  Lily (Arizona)          
  Leah wersland          
  Miki Nelson          
  Lindsey Town          
Silver 2   5:00-6:00pm Monday - Friday    
  Samantha Dannan          
  Yossi McLaughlin          
  Amare Thorn          
  Finn Thorn          
  Alice Dermond          
  Harper Williams          
  Ethan Moore          
  Skylar Weidenbach           
  Carson Wall          
  Jaime Perez          
Bronze 1 3:30-4:00 Monday/Wednesday/Friday  
  Olivia Burson          
  Tilly Corbett          
  Jack Hansen          
  Ruby Hansen          
  Ben Avdeyev          
  Kellen Weidenbach          
  Carly Ford            
  Nora Joyce          
  Isreal Perez          
Pre-Comp 3:30pm-4pm Tues and Thurs        
  Willy Kunzmann  T*          
  Henry Engel          
  Owen Pritchett *          
  Cora Rizor *          
  Cecelia Leighton *          
Private Lessons            
Saturday 9-11            
  Sign-ups available on website