Fall Schedule Questionnaire By Age Group

Hello everyone

We remain very busy.  Yesterday the lights were delivered and they worked very well.  

Upon reviewing all of the data from our first Fall Schedule Questionnaire, we realized that we needed to see the data by group to help us get a better picture of practice options.  

Please click on the group in which your swimmer is placed to fill out a new Fall Schedule Questionnaire.  We appreciate everyone filling this out previously.  However, we think it is wise to offer a more group-specific questionnaire during the first week when things begin to settle and members gain a more clear picture of options.

Labor Day Weekend Schedule:

We will be swimming through Friday.   We will not swim Saturday, Sunday, or Monday.  Several coaches will be meeting on Saturday morning to analyze the information in an attempt to create the best-case scenario for practice times.  

We do not know exactly when we will have that set.  We are working diligently and will communicate any changes in practice times as soon as possible.  

Continue with your current practice times until you receive notice otherwise.   

We hope you have an AWESOME Labor Day weekend.