Weather Policy

Hello EMAC Families,

We know there is a slight possibility for storms this evening. With that in mind, we ARE running practices as scheduled.

Things to know:

  • Thunder or lightning causes an immediate 30 minute shutdown in programming from the time of last thunderclap or lightning strike.
  • If the shutdown time runs past your swimmers practice time, we will send them home instead of making them wait. We will also send out an email, push notification, and SMS through Team Unify notfying all parents of the effected groups.
  • If thunder or lightning strikes before your practice start time, we will send out an email, push notification, and SMS through Team Unify, notifying you of the weather postponement. We will then follow up with any additional information. (practice will resume, new strikes are causing delayed starts, practice is cancelled, etc)
  • If a storm is particularly bad, or is supposed to last numerous hours, we will send out emails, push notifications, and SMS messages notifying you of the change, adjustment, or cancellation.

What can you do to receive all these notifications?

  • Make sure emails from the emac website go to your inbox, not your spam folder
  • Download the App "On Deck" on your phone or mobile device and log in. This will receive push notifications
  • Log onto, go to your account settings and phil in your cell phone information. (Phone number and carrier) BE SURE TO VERIFY YOUR PHONE SO YOU RECEIVE TEXTS

Remember, the more systems of notification you set up, the more communication you will receive. This creates a better chance that you won't miss a practice adjustment communication!