Sharks for Swim Across America

Lap Swim Fundraiser


On Sunday September 13th, we will be holding a lap swim fundraiser with proceeds going to Swim Across America - Seattle (SAAS). SAA supports cancer research across the country and in Seattle it raises money for breakthrough cancer research at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance which includes Fred Hutch, Seattle Childrens’ and UW Medicine. All proceeds will be donated to cancer research,


How this will work: Individual members or families can sign up to swim for a 45 minute lap swim time slot.  You can swim a little or swim for the whole 45 minutes.  We are suggesting a donation at $10 for an individual member to swim and $20 for a family (max 3 people).   You will be able to reserve more than one lane if you have more than 3 people in your family.  

The fundraiser will run from 8am-1pm and will follow the current lap swim guidelines.  We will extend the time frame of the event if need be to accommodate more members. PLEASE consider donating even if you don't want to swim. We will be accepting cash and checks. Please make checks payable to SAA.  If you have any questions please contact Holly Wisen @


Link to sign up:


Thank you for your generosity and GO SHARKS!!



(Updated 7-1-2020)

These rules will be amended per current CDC guidelines and as we transition into better practices.

BEFORE COMING TO THE POOL     - Take a shower at home and consider applying sunscreen before coming as your time on the deck is limited

ENTERING THE FACILITY     - All Members must sign in one at a time. Please, social distant yourself and wait for the supervisor to check you in.

SANITIZE YOUR HANDS UPON ENTERING     - This is highly recommended.

BEFORE ENTERING THE FACILITIES YOU MUST WEAR A MASK     - If you do not have a mask, you will be provided with one. This is state-mandated.

HEALTH CHECK AND COVID SCREENING     – All Members must sign a one-time COVID Waiver.  Then all Members will be screened upon entrance. You may have your temperature check as an extra precaution. You may not enter the facilities if you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms or answer YES to any of our COVID Health questions.  You will be asked to not come back for two weeks or provide us a with a negative COVID test result.

ENTERING THE POOL DECK     - You may put your supplies down/by on the chair/cone behind your lane.  You may not put your items in the restrooms or bleachers unless you are staff.

RESTROOMS     - Please, advise the COVID-19 Supervisor in the office that you need to use the restroom. They will unlock the door for you. The only restroom that will be available is the Family Bathroom….and just the toilet and sink will be available for Emergencies only.

DECK     - MAINTAIN 6’ DISTANCE at all times

·         Masks must be worn at all times unless in the water.

·         No congregating

·         During this Phase 2, you should not be on the pool deck unless you are an employee, maintenance, or participating in physical activity. 

·         Parents of swim team parents should remain in your car to help with social distancing

·         If you need to observe your child, you may do so by following the social distancing guidelines, wear a mask, and follow a rule of only 1 parent per child, with siblings if necessary. Suggested seating would be on the bleachers.


·         If you need to use the stairs to enter or exit, please wait until other swimmers are not in the way.

·         Restrooms are for using the toilet. NO SHOWERS AND NO CHANGING CLOTHES unless approved by the supervisor.

·         Touch as little as possible to cut down on any extra exposure or contact

·         Remember you must MAINTAIN 6 FEET AT ALL TIMES even in the water!

·         Swim in the center of your lane (Unless with a family member)

·         While swimming with a family member, it is important that you do not stand side by side at the end of the lane. Always stay on the marked black line on the bottom of the pool floor.

·         REFRAIN FROM YELLING UNLESS THERE IS AN EMERGENCY (This means do not yell over to your friend in Lane 3 if you are in Lane 6).



Thank you for following these guidelines and know that these rules may change weekly as our state goes into different Phases. These rules are in addition to the posted pool rules.