Swim Practice Sign-Up Information


Good afternoon, we wanted to touch base with how signing up for practices will go. 


Starting for the week of September 12th thru 17th.


Sign-ups will be out on Monday and close on Wednesday.  They will cover from Saturday thru Thursday of the following week.  (As nobody swims on Fridays)


There will be separate sign-ups for D2/D3 and Jr/Sr groups. 


The lane grid created from the signups will be out on Thursdays.


When you sign up Team Unify uses your account name, so please add your swimmers first name.


For the D2/D3 swimmers, sign up for the individual days you will be swimming, Monday, Tuesday and/or Thursday.    


For Jr/Sr groups, there will be an option to sign up for Monday thru Thursday if you can make the same time every day.  If you cannot make every day, sign up for the individual days that you can attend.  Weekend sign-ups will be here also with unlimited spaces (100 because I have to put a number.)  Be sure to sign up for each weekend day you can attend.


We will use this format until the end of December.  As with everything this year, subject to change due to changing circumstances.


A little about me, I am Jean Volkmann.  I work at the 20th Ave YMCA.  My typical work day is till noon Monday - Friday, so most of my responses will be early am.  I do check my e-mail occasionally at home, but most of the time replies will be before 11:30.  Please do not hesitate to send me an e-mail.  If I cannot answer directly, I will pass it on to the person I feel is best to answer.