2019 -2020 YMCA Top 16 Swims SCY

It is always fun to hear some unexpected good news.  While YMCA Nationals may have been canceled, YMCA Swimming still compiled a list of the season's best swims.  This year, there were a total of 563 teams made up of 38,970 athletes that produced 466,077 swims for YMCAs.  The following Greenwich Marlins combined to produce 41 of those swims in short course yards.  Please join me in congratulating the following Marlins for their accomplishments:

Alex P

Alexandra B

Christian L

Claire M

Hutton S

James P

Lucas H

Marcus H

Thacher S

Additionally, several Marlins had the fastest swims of the season in Y Swimming this year.  Congratulations to Alexandra, Lucas, Marcus and Thacher for 13 top YMCA times in the country.