Welcome to the 2020-2021 Short Course Season,
Based on registration and COVID regulations, there will be a slight change in practice times for some groups (please see below). This schedule is subject to change further if COVID regulations and state guidelines change in the future.
PLEASE NOTE: Entrance into practice will be slightly different than during this past summer season. Parents are to drop swimmers off by the pool lobby door. There are painted lines spread out 6 feet apart on the ground for swimmers to stand on to wait for entry into the pool lobby. A pool employee will be in the lobby to do daily screening/temp check. Swimmers are to arrive in their suit and cap ready to swim, as locker rooms are off limits with the exception of a bathroom emergency. (Coaches will be there to direct the kids onto the pool deck)  They will enter the pool and place their bag on a designated spot marked on the bench. As practice ends, they must exit through the back door of the pool we used all summer long (for those that didn't swim this summer with us, there is a door on the back corner of the building). As there is no changing in the locker rooms, send your swimmer with sweatpants and a sweatshirt to throw on over their suit to exit the building. The restriction of locker rooms is a rule from the state health department, followed through by our park and rec department. When restrictions change, our park and rec department will notify me on locker room usage.
At this time there are no spectators allowed in the building unfortunately.  If this changes we will of course let you know.
Please do not bring your child to practice if they have any COVID related symptoms or have been in contact with anyone that has tested positive to COVID-19 in the last 14 days.  We are also asking everyone to comply with the State of Connecticut rules regarding out of state travel.  If your child has traveled to any of the states on the current CT Travel Advisory List, ( will need to self-quarantine for 14 days before returning to swim practice.  
Black/Gold- Tuesday and Thursday 6-6:45pm; Saturday 9:15-10am
AG1- Monday,Wednesday,Friday 6-6:45pm; Saturday 9:15-10am
AG2-Monday,Wednesday,Thursday,Friday 7-8:30pm; Tuesday 6-6:50pm; Saturday 7:30-9am
SR1-Monday 6-6:50pm; Tuesday, Wednesday,Thursday,Friday 7-8:30pm; Saturday 7:30-9am
SR2-Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 7-8:30pm; Wednesday 6-6:50pm; Saturday 7:30-9am
High School Swimmers- Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 7-8:30pm, Thursday 6-6:50pm; Saturday 7:30-9am
Last but not least, please take a moment to log into your account and add a SMS number (cell phone number) so that we can text you regarding any urgent changes to practice or the schedule.  Thank you for your continued patience in these ever changing times!
The ARAC Coaches and Board