Coach's Update!!!

  Dear parents,

Pre-Season starts next week on Tuesday, September 8, at our usual time of 6:00-7:30 pm for Intermediate and Senior swimmers. Registration will open on our website on that same day.  If you are planning to join us for pre-season, please contact me asap. 
As you might know, Governor Burgum just moved the Covid risk level of Morton and Burleigh counties to moderate. We have confirmed with our facility that as of now there are no changes in policy that they anticipate other than what we are already planning. I will be in communication quickly if that changes. 
I have updated the team google calendar on our website to reflect the schedule for September and early October. You can see it  here. You can also access it through the team website under Parent Info>Practice Schedule. 
We are still in search of a new assistant Developmental coach. If you know of anyone who is a good fit, please share! 
Covid Policies
1) To mitigate Covid transmission, as long as the weather is above 50 degrees, we will  not be allowing access to the locker room for changing. Please plan for your swimmer to come already in their suit and able to leave in their suit (with sweater and hat when chilly). Once the weather is colder, while we will permit quick locker room use, we will not permit showers since it prolongs the time in the locker room. We ask that when we transition to locker room use, that you speak with your swimmer about quick, distanced changing. 
2) Parents are permitted on deck in the bleachers. As of right now, the facility will be officially open to the public starting September 8, so all facility doors will be open. We leave it to individual parents to monitor themselves and ask that you space out at least 6 feet while you are in the pool area. Please err on the side of caution if your swimmer or someone in your family is not feeling well or exhibiting any symptoms. A positive Covid-19 case in the pool facility has potentially high stakes for everyone at the pool and on the team. 
3) Once the swimmer arrives, instruct them to head to the bleachers at the south end of the pool (by the starting blocks), we will have dots on the bleachers 6 feet apart for them to place their things. They should stay there until it is time to get in the water. Once they are seated on the bleachers, the coaches are officially responsible for them. All coaches will be maintaining 6 feet of distance from each other and from the swimmers. We will also be maintaining 6 feet of distance within the lanes, using cones to indicate lane positions. 
If we diligently maintain these social distance and locker room protocols, our swimmers and coaches will not count as close contacts for tracing purposes. This means that a positive case on the team would not quarantine others. This is our goal and the coaches are committed to maintaining safe distance during practices. We ask that you review these policies with your swimmer(s). 
Please email me with any questions!

Alicia Bungum
Head Coach
Mandan Marlins Swim Club