Statement from KISL Executive Committee

Wow, what a year 2020 has been so far!  Your KISL Executive Board has been diligently working to create a plan for our High School/Middle School Swim & Dive Teams, during this very uncertain time. Outlined below is what we know so far and our plan moving forward.

Please note the details of this plan are subject to change at any time and will likely be modified with the ever-evolving impact of COVID19 on our lives and sport. You will be notified of any changes via emails to KISL team representatives and the KISL website.

Last week the Tennessee Interscholastic Swim Coaches Association (TISCA) announced a 3-part plan for the TN High School State Meet.

  1. #1 Goal: Traditional State Meet and Format Dates: Friday, April 23 & Saturday, April 24 2021. Location: University of Tennessee
  2. Contingency Plan #1: Allow for fewer people on deck by switching to a 4 day format Dates: Wednesday-Saturday, April 21-24 2021 or Thursday-Sunday, April 22-25 2021. Location: University of Tennessee
  3. Contingency Plan #2: Have multiple smaller meets in each region, follow the state meet format, and compile results Dates: Friday, April 23 & Saturday, April 24 2021. Location: regional areas (facilities to be determined)

No dates or format have been set for the KISL City Championship Meets.

As the KISL region encompasses a large geographic area, we are seeing significant differences between our teams regarding pool availability. Some of our teams see limited but available lanes for practice/meets while other teams are unable to have any pool time at all. Also, each school system, and sometimes even individual schools, may have significantly different restrictions on the athletic activities of their students. Currently due to the COVID19 guidelines the University of Tennessee is not able to accommodate KISL team practices or swim meets. We are hopeful this will change in the winter allowing KISL teams to practice and hold meets.

With all the above in consideration there will be no fall swim/dive season for high school or middle school KISL teams. This year’s swimming/diving program will be moved to be a winter/spring season.

It certainly is not required and may change, but we are proposing teams think about starting their seasons after the first of the year (January 1, 2021). This may include water time and meets. To be clear teams are not required to start after January 1, but only a suggestion based on possible pool availability and a viable length of season. As we move closer to year’s end, we will publish a list of deadlines and procedures for team registration and entry for championship meets.

Finally, due the current COVID19 strict guidelines and limited pool availability for many teams high school teams will take priority, with middle school teams following. If possible, we will make every effort to try to have a middle school season.

Our utmost goal is the safety and wellbeing of our swimmers, divers, and coaches. We will continue facilitate a season that promotes growth and health of our swimmers and sport. Thank you for your continued partnership and we welcome feedback as we are all in this together.