NAAC Fall Protocols for the NAHS Pool


2020 Protocols Fall Return to Practice 

Swimmer Guidelines for Return to NAAC Practices at the NAHS Pool


1. Arrive 5-20 minutes early for practice, enter through the shallow end courtyard entrance, with face covering on.


2. Walk in separately, 6 feet + apart.


3. Parents may not enter the pool area.  Athletes only.


4. Entry details:

  • Doors open for the upcoming practice 20 min prior to that practice
  • Doors close for the upcoming practice 5 min prior to that practice
  • Incoming group swimmers that are late will be asked to wait immediately inside or outside the entrance door (depending upon weather, darkness, etc)
  • Incoming group should grab mesh bags from the hooks as they proceed to the bleachers
  • Incoming group then gets ready in the stands as the outgoing group exits the pool and clears the deck, returning their equipment bags to their group hooks at the end of practice
  • Groups then switch positions from their own side of the bleachers, outgoing group returns to bleachers and incoming group proceeds to the deck
  • Incoming group starts practice
  • Outgoing group puts on clothes and exits the building 
  • Any late incoming group swimmers will be allowed to proceed to their side of the bleachers only after all outgoing group swimmers have exited the building


5. Swimmers arrive at the pool prepared to swim. No locker rooms or showers. No deck changing.  Wear your suit to & from the pool.


6. Swimmers should use hand sanitizer upon entry to the facility.


7. Swimmers place clothes & belongings in designated group area (East or West side of bleachers) and get ready for practice while maintaining personal space.


8. Swimmers may take face covering off as they are preparing for practice.


9. Swimmers will wait to fully enter the deck until the previous group is off deck.


10. Swimmers should  report to their assigned lane at the beginning of your practice and put swim equipment at their end of the lane or at the side of the pool, separated from other swimmers bags.


11. Any shared swim equipment will be disinfected regularly & between uses.


12. Swimmers will be stationed at the wall, the flags, the 15m mark from both shallow and deep ends, and/or the center of pool, all maintaining social distancing.


13. On-deck dryland will be conducted with team bands, yoga mats, pull-up bars, TRX, ab wheels and other equipment @ NAHS.  All will be disinfected regularly.


14. Locker rooms will be in use ONLY for restroom use until further notice, and swimmers must disinfect the toilet after use (disinfectant provided).  Cone in front of restroom doorway for one-at-a-time restroom use.


15. Once dismissed from practice swimmers should hang equipment bags and exit the deck as a group, to their side of the bleachers from the deck (bags on East bleachers enter bleachers via the East bleacher steps), so that the next group can enter the deck from their side of the bleachers in a timely manner.


16. Depart each practice immediately after practice, through the designated exit (usually the deep/West end), with face covering on.


17. Parents/rides must be ready to pick athlete up as soon as practice finishes.  Swimmers should be dropped off and picked up from the stadium/Fodor Rd side of the building for each practice.  This is for the safety of the swimmers – as it gets dark earlier and earlier the back (tennis court) side is often not lit, sometimes various gates are closed and locked, and Coaches all leave via the Fodor Rd side (so we can stay with swimmer/s if a parent is late for pick-up). 


18. Swimmers should exit practices 6+ feet apart.


19. Swimmers should not loiter in parking lot.


20. Swimmers that do not regularly follow these rules will be removed from the group.


These protocols are designed to increase the safety of all participants, and it is up to each participant to follow the protocols.  Coaches will give reminders, reminders, reminders.



2020 Fall Covid 19 positive test, quarantine and NAAC travel protocols v9-8

In the event that a currently practicing swimmer or a current coach on deck (defined as a participant), or household member of either, test positive for Covid 19 the following protocols shall generally apply (as of June/July, now updated Sept 2020), as well as Travel protocols noted for all NAAC participants:


  1. Any participant testing positive for an active Covid 19 infection will be required to quarantine for a minimum of 14 days post-positive test, and must present a doctor’s note of approval to return to practice thereafter, having been cleared of current infection and possible transmissibility.


  1. Any participant testing positive for an active Covid 19 infection should notify Head Coach John Coffman so that the following protocols may be followed for the group and the team to prevent added risk of infection across participants.  Your information will remain confidential within the NAAC Board Members and Coaching Staff.

2.a. If positive test within 72 hours of NAAC practice attendance - All NAAC Team practices shall be cancelled the day following participant positive test notification & all common areas to be thoroughly disinfected that day.

2.b. If positive test within 72 hours of NAAC practice attendance - All Same-Group practices of positive participant shall be cancelled for 3 days following positive test notification to allow adequate time for possible positive infection symptoms to potentially appear.

2.c. If positive test post 72 hours of NAAC practice attendance – Swimmer shall follow item #1 above, and practice group will be notified of positive test post 72 hours of NAAC practice attendance.

2.d. Any/all Same-Group swimmers and/or coaches that are feeling unwell in any portion of the 14-day window following a positive participant test for active Covid 19 shall not attend any practices until cleared by a doctor, note of approval from doctor required to return to practice, having been cleared of current infection and possible transmissibility.  Any “sick days” in a 14-day post positive participant test window shall require a doctor’s note of approval for return to practice.


  1. We are requesting that any participants that vacation out-of-State in any State with a 15%+ positive case-rate remain away from NAAC practices for a 7-day minimum period after returning home, and to self-monitor for any symptoms during these 7 days to help ensure the safety of all participants.  This protocol is updated as of 7-24-20 per the July 22 Ohio Travel Advisory, with a National Map & protocols posted at the web address below.


  1. These guidelines are subject to revision over time as context and circumstances dictate.  Review will take place near the start of each month, and more often if warranted.


Last Updated 9-8-20

NAAC Board of Directors