September Strokes/Equipment and Covid Overview

Below are the Covid guides for practices:  

September we will practice at the Twinsburg Waterpark, which is outdoor.  Swimmers/parents/coaches must enter the facility with masks on.  Swimmers can remove masks as they put their items down.  Swimmers will be placed in lanes at the wall ends, flags and mid pool to be socially distant when off of practice.  Swimmers are not to share equipment or use snorkels at this time.  As we shift to the indoor facility and prepare for meets, different guides will be in place for mask wearing and social distancing at practice.

We will publish which strokes we will do each day in the calendar notes section of our team website, here.  Due to Covid 19 we are not able to use shared equiment until further guidelines of operation come out.  There are basic equipment items we use at practice to help the swimmers learn different aspects of the strokes.  Below is the equipment we recommend hyperlinked to where the item can be bought by swim group for each swimmer:

Beginner:  Long Fins-The toddler orange and red colors were high demand from that group last year.

Intermediate:  Long Fins and Paddles.  The Orange XXS shown in the link are perfect for most of those swimmers.  There are green TYR paddles for 13 & Over Intermediate.

Advanced/HSAdvanced:  Short Fins and Paddles.  Most 13 & Over swimmers will be good getting the green TYR XS paddle size.  The younger Advanced swimmers will still be good to use the Orange XXS