Weather Policy - Emergency Communications

Hello everyone

Because we are expecting rain through the evening, I wanted to touch base on a few items regarding weather policy.  

We will swim in the rain unless:

  • there is thunder
  • and/or we cannot see the bottom of the pool due to hard rain.

Please note:  we always want our membership to use their best judgement on attending practices during inclement weather.  

Our fall programming is entirely outside, which means we will experience more weather-impacted practices than normal.  

If practice is impacted and an emergency email goes out, we will use multiple means to communicate this: SMS, Email, Push-Notification, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.  


SMS is a text system set up through our TeamUnify website.  In order for you to receive the SMS message, you must:

  • log-in to your account and go to account settings
  • provide your cell # and your cell carrier
  • go through the steps to verify your phone #

Once you've done this, you should get our emegency texts. 


An email will be sent through our website to all families.  Make sure you:

  • check your spam settings to ensure that our emails are coming to your inbox
  • add any additional emails to your account so that the commucications come to multiple family members, especially accountable swimmers

Push Notification

Download the OnDeck app and log-in.  OnDeck will enable you to do things like track fasest times, commit to meets, manage your account, etc.  If you are logged-in AND you have your notifications enabled, you will receive notifications from OnDeck.

Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

We're not great, but we are working on our social media game.  We will use SMS, email, and Push Notifications each time we have an emergency communication.  We will try to also communicate through Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.  Follow us at:

Twitter:  @EMAC_Swim

Facebook: @EMACswim

Instagram: emac_green_swarm

We are planning to hold practices this afternoon and evening.  We will not have dryland for any group, though, due to the rain.  So, get your accounts ready for the emergency communications, and watch for one updating you on this evenings plans that I just mentioned.  

See you at the pool!!!