Our Response to Covid-19

BASH Families and Swimmers-

As we start to get into the winter season, I want you to review the two documents (below) about the Y’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic. These documents have been shared before, but we do have new families joining and everyone needs to be aware.  Return to swim Document    Cincinnati YMCA Guidelines

We will continue with the precautions – wearing face masks into and out of the Y, taking the masks off just as you enter the pool water, getting your temperature taken each day and maintaining the social distancing as best you can. We have had a good summer with no Covid being transferred among swim team member.

As we go forward, IF your swimmer is showing signs of Covid- please keep them home. If your swimmer has been asked by their school to stay quarantined at home, that would apply for swim team also and they should not attend swim practices. If your swimmer has been exposed to a positive Covid infected person, they should not come to swim practices. Either get a test taken (that comes back negative) or they should wait for 4-6 days to see if they get any symptoms.

We are a team, and everyone needs to look out for their teammates! We ask all swimmers and families to not put themselves into situations where they could contract the virus. IF we hear of a swimmer getting Covid, we will notify their teammates and possibly ask some who share the lane to take some time off from swim team practices. Hopefully, this will not happen, but we will be looking out for the safety of the individuals and the team!