GTS: Fish & Shark Group Practice Update


GTS Family-


We are so proud of our team during these complicated times. Our team has never been stronger and more together. Due to the growing number of Fish & Shark swimmers, we need to separate the groups out into two specific practice times. This will allow for Coach Genevieve to dedicate time to each group and it will assist with a more productive and efficient flow of practice for both groups. There will be a slight overlap of 15 minutes each day for both groups to interact with each other and practice as one during warmup/cool down, which will foster the sense of team unity between the groups.


This change will also benefit the developmental needs of each group by allowing the athletes to have the space needed to learn, grow in the sport, and to feel comfortable to challenge themselves within each daily practice. 


As a coaching staff, we feel this is the best decision for not just our athletes but also for our coaches and for our team as a whole. This now allows us to offer four unique practices for our four unique practice groups for the first time since we shut down due to COVID! Congratulations TEAM GTS! 


The new practice schedule will begin on Monday, September 14th (Practice times listed below). The new practice times for the Fish and Shark groups have been added to the Club Greenwood App and are ready for practice registrations.


As of today, no changes will be made to either the Sr. Prep or Senior group practice times. Thus Sr. Prep and Senior group will continue to practice as is.



Fall Schedule: Beginning September 14

Fish Group: 

Swim Monday - Thursday 6:00-6:45 PM Indoor Pool 

Shark Group:

Swim Monday - Thursday 6:30 - 7:30 PM Indoor Pool


Please feel free to reach out to Coach Genevieve, with all questions and concerns. 

We appreciate your patience, cooperation, and truly love having your support. 


Coach Genevieve & Coach Lane