Update on SCAT and the Kedron Pool
It is the time of year, when we would normally have a new season Parents meeting and would get to see each other face to face.  Nothing normal about these times though!  We are hoping the transition back to school and swimming, whatever that looks like for your family, is going as smoothly as possible.
We are still grateful for the time we have with your athletes and thankful our practices are running as smoothly as possible.
We continue to look forward to the next few months and are planning for what it may look like. 
We have learned that the city does not plan to install the bubble until the first two weekof December.  In so many ways, we were thrilled with this news as we all know that when the bubble goes back on, it is typically still very warm and there is an adjustment to the air quality indoors versus outdoors.  For this, we are thrilled.  We believe the longer the swimmers can remain in fresh air outdoors is best.
That said, we understand temperatures will drop and we will have to adjust to swimming outdoors in cooler temps.  The pool water will remain heated, so being IN the pool will be fine.  The adjustment is the time spent on deck while wet.  After living and coaching in Florida year round, I can tell you I have met some tough kids who swim in cold temps and it can be done.  Character building no doubt.
There are a few things you might do for you swimmer to prepare for the cooler temps.  These are suggestions, not requirements as each athlete is different.  I have seen all these items work in different ways.
Parkas – these are great to wrap a wet body for warmth and have a hood to keep heads warm.
Beanies – another great item to keep your swimmers head warm.
Caps – Even for those with short hair (guys) ; swimming with one or even two caps can help keep heat in your body.
Wetsuits – This may be an option for some of our smaller swimmers if the temps really dip. 
Long sleeve rash guards – these must be tight fitting, but can also help maintain a bit of heat.
We will continue our regular practice schedule into October.  If High School swimming is able to start, we will have to make adjustments for our 7pm practice group.  We understand some of our high school swimmers may opt for HS swimming only.  If a High school swimmer opts to swim with their HS team only, they may take a leave of absence from SCAT.   Let’s see what plays out over the next month so we can make better decisions with more information.
For now, we just wanted to communicate what we know at this time.
Thanks always for your flexibility,
Denise Sturman
On behalf of the SCAT Coaching Staff
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