I am excited that we get to start the season tomorrow!! 

I am sorry for the lateness but I just got off the call with Heartland YMCA committee and I wanted to get the most up to date information in your hands. I appologize in advance for the length of this email. I have updated the website with all the new group information and practice times.  

1. Practice starts TOMMORROW. If you have not signed up, we have still a few spots. Please email me ([email protected]) and I will let you know what practice most likely fits for you best. I believe I got back to everyone with what groups they are assigned to by this point. If you have not heard back from me.... LET ME KNOW ASAP!

2. Check in will be at the front door. This is the same process as we had over the summer for the summer swim clinics. We will be taking temperatures and making sure everyone is healthy before heading to the pool. Please come in your suit and ready to swim. Restrooms will only be available for emergency uses only during practice.

3. After practice, swimmers will be back at the front door for parents to pick up. Parents, please try to be prompt as we have only a few minutes inbetween practices to disinfect and get ready for the next group. If parents are late, the next group of kids could be late getting in the water. 

4. All Swimmers need to wear masks to practice. Please and Thank you!

5. MEETS. Heartland YMCA will be hosting a virtual meet every month. We can swim and collect times to submit these times during our Saturday Practices to see how we rank compared to others in the other 28 teams in the Heartland YMCA Area. This will allow us to not only see how we are individually doing and progressing, but how we measure up with other teams. Traditional meets are unlikely, but I am looking forward to being able to use this as a training tool to see how we can get faster as the month goes on.

I hope that this finds everyone well, if you are coming back to swim this year or not! 2020 is a crazy year and will be a crazy swim season- but I think we will make it great!