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Team Email - 9/14/2020

Happy Monday! 

We are so happy to see the sun a little bit after the rain last week! Whew! That was chilly (at least in comparison to the summer) but we're glad the sun is showing now. 

Quick Announcements: 
1) Schedule for 9/21-9/27 is posted. There will be some adjustments come October - but we're working with our partner facilities to make sure we're still in the water and working hard. 

2) Dryland will slowly be added this week. We are working to see if facilities will let us do in-person dryland outside - at least while the weather is nice - but each group will have at minimum one zoom for both a meeting & some basic movement review. Look for those to populate to your schedule as today goes by. Lead Coaches will also send out reminder emails once those schedules have been set for the next two weeks. 

3) Competitions! I have been fielding a lot of these questions - and we are working with our facilities to see if one would be willing to let us host an intersquad swim meet - hopefully in the near future. We will aim to give at least 2 weeks notice - but as we all know - everything shifts pretty rapidly right now.  While we may not swim directly against other programs - we are developing an intersquad format that will lend itself nicely to a House Cup competition (for my Harry Potter fans out there...). 

4) Shark University will be on September 26-27 with LOTS of really important information. Signups will be posted by the end of the week for the sessions. Topics will include: Safe Sport, Competition & Season Plan, Supporting Athletes during Covid-19, Waivers & Team Protocols.

5) Team Waivers - Here is the link for all active members to renew their waivers for the 2020-2021 season. Please fill these out online by September 27th as they are mandatory for participation. These include: Medical Waiver, Billing & Financial Waiver, Attendance Waiver, Code Of Conduct, Travel (such as it is), 2 Covid-19 Waivers, Liability Waiver and finally the Information & Photo Release. If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know! 

Have a great week & thank you for your continued support & patience! 

Coach Alexis