Haines City Meet Info & Other Important Updates

Hi All,


If you are wondering where I was this afternoon, it was simply a case of me forgetting that I am closer in age to 60 than 20. I have been doing dryland with the Academy kids and tweaked my left leg. I am home, using the foam roller, taking epsom salt baths and resting. Hopefully I will be fine in the morning. If you see me sitting on deck, you will know why (as I hate sitting on deck!). While I have a moment, I want to share a few things.


Rainouts are frustrating. I get it. They are frustrating to the coaches as well. As restrictions in Florida ease, we are looking at ways to make better use of that time. For my entire career we only cancelled when a weather advisory was issued. That would be tropical storms, flooding, etc. Normally, we use the time during rainouts for dryland or classroom sessions. Since the rainy season comes at the beginning of the season, it all works out. That said, nothing has been normal in 2020. Know that we are on this, it concerns us and we are looking at work arounds. Thanks for your continued patience as we work this out.

AMs For This Week

We will offer 5:15, 6:00 and 7:00am start times Wednesday & Thursday this week. Friday we will only offer 7:00am. 


We will not be offering practices this Saturday due to our participation in the Haines City swim meet.

Haines City Meet Information

It's almost here...a return to sanctioned competition! All the information, including address, event order etc., can be found here: Please be sure to read the COVID related procedures carefully. We want to continue to swim at meets. If we flaunt the procedures early on in the resumption process, Florida Swimming may restrict even these smaller meets. 

You can download and print the heat sheet here: . These will not be on sale at the venue. 


Normally I talk about the expectations we have before every swim meet. To be totally honest, I am not sure what to expect except for the unexpected. I have done the research into swimmers who have returned to sanctioned competition (yes, I am that obsessed with this sport). Some swimmers are blowing it out of the water. Overall, USAS has seen more than 50% of the returning swimmers do lifetime best across the board. That is a high percentage for any meet, let alone the entire country. It also means half didn’t.

My takeaway is that some of the swimmers will have rust. Some will not follow their race strategy, as they are pumped to be back. Others will kill it. I want to use this meet as a celebration of overcoming the situation and successfully returning to competition. We will see what we have when we get there. I for one, feel like we have managed this challenge better than most and we’ll have a fun and successful day of racing. Here's to simply enjoying the ride.

Friday Poster Making Party

Speaking of enjoying the ride, let’s have a poster making party Friday evening at 5:30pm. If you can bring some poster boards, sharpies, stickers, or whatever,  we can make fun and encouraging posters to display at the meet. I am not normally a coach who does these sort of things, but what the heck. As noted earlier nothing has been normal in 2020. Let’s be creative, be supportive and have fun with it!

Schedule Tweak

We are adding staff and will make some minor schedule tweaks. I will send that out tomorrow. They will go into effect next Monday.

That’s it for now. Back to the foam roller!

See you at the pool - Rich