Schedule Update for 9/16 Thru 9/18


Hi Rapids

Wow, the weather cooled off quick.  I know that our kids are tough but looking at the temperatures the next few days the pools aren’t going to be any warmer.  We are going to shorten all groups practices and lesson the transition times the rest of this week in order to get all of the groups in the water for practice and out before or around 7pm, before air temperatures cool off too much.  Thank you for your patience and flexibility as we continue to try and keep the kids in the water.  The schedule for the rest of the week is as follows:

Wednesday 9/16

White @ Lakewood 4-5:30

Blue @ Lakewood 5:35-7:05

Green @ Brownson 4:30-5:40

Red 1 @ Brownson 5:45-7


Thursday 9/17

Blue @ Lakewood 4-5:30

Red 2 @ Lakewood 5:35-6:50

Yellow @ Brownson 4:30-5:15

Red 1 @ Brownson 5:20-6:35


Friday 9/18

White @ Lakewood 4-5:30

Red 2 @ Lakewood 5:35-6:50

Orange @ Brownson 4:30-5

Yellow @ Brownson 5:05-5:50

Green @ Brownson 5:55-7:05


We will reassess Saturday and next week as we go.  An update for swimming inside in October and beyond will be coming shortly as we are still talking with facilities.  Stay tuned!!!!

Thank you

Coach Chuck