Wednesday, September 16th will be the first day for those who swim on Wednesdays!  If you do NOT swim on Wednesdays, please make sure not to come to the pool.  Dryland will start for Groups 1 and 2 on Wednesday as well.  Information should have been sent out to everyone with regards to the log in. Health questionnaires should be done online before every practice.  Please show up 10 minutes before practice starts and line up outside 2m apart.  You will not be allowed in the building until a coach has let you in.

Dry land will only be run for Groups 1, 2 and 3 at this time until we are able to do more on deck for liability reasons.

We are very excited to see everyone back at the pool.  It has been exactly 6 months since we were last at VAC.

The groups have been made to fit the pool space we have acquired.  We have moved swimmers in to similar ages and abilities where possible.  As we go through the first few months and if we are able to resume normal practices, we will evaluate swimmers abilities to attend regularly, have a good work ethic as well as performance based criteria.  Once we are able to assess all swimmers abilities and are allowed to change our training, we will divide groups in to appropriate levels.  We do not see many changes until at least after December 2020.  Your ability to make sure to attend regularly is very important and if attendance drops off, you may be asked to move groups if it is deemed that you might be at risk of being outside the cohort for too long.

NO EQUIPMENT will be needed until further notice.  Dress warmly but have something that you can leave on deck or on the side of the building, maybe a small bag to put things in.  Please DO NOT bring any valuables in.  There will be limited access to the dressing rooms.

Please make sure to drop swimmers off at the side door by the parking lot as well as pick them up there.  They should be in their swim gear both coming in and leaving.  Masks are required at ALL TIMES while on deck when entering and departing.  Please remember to stay 2m apart when entering or while on deck.  In the water, swimmers are allowed to be a little closer and incidental touching while passing is allowed in phase 3 of swimming.

Remember that you are in groups that will maintain in the same lanes every day so you stay with the same cohorts throughout.  Cohorts can be up to 100 with sub cohorts or groups that we have divided swimmers in to.

NO PARENTS are allowed in the building due to restrictions with COVID-19.  We thank you in advance for your understanding.