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Swimmer Training Equipment

Hi Bluephins Family

I have had several comments and questions about team equipment. Rules surrounding equipment are changing, so our policy will adjust with the rules.

The club will do its best to help make sure everyone has access to the training gear appropriate to their group. We are discussing loaning, renting, cleaning and storing of equipment. For Phins 3 we will provide fins to the swimmers.

We are not able to store equipment at the pool for the time being. So mesh bags are important.

2020-21 Team Equipment

Equipment can be ordered from Team Aquatic Supplies or Source for Sports, links on the Bluephins’ website in the Merchandise tab.

The Swimsuit.

For all 3 competitive groups this year, it is highly recommended for females to have a one-piece training suit and males to have jammers (tight fitting) for training and racing. For the older swimmers (13+) you might want to get a specialized racing “tech” suit.

The Cap

All Swimmers MUST wear team caps when competing. 1 silicone swim cap will be provided by the team; additional caps may be purchased from the club.


Also highly recommended, you may choose from a variety of colors and styles for goggles. There are junior and adult sizes depending on the size of your swimmer. Goggles help with vision in the water, limiting distractions due to water, and protect the eyes from over exposure to chlorine.

Team gear

Various pieces of clothing available at Source for Sports. The following training equipment is also recommended (you can get more equipment if you wish):

Phins3: water bottle, team t-shirt

Phins2: water bottle, kickboard, pull buoy, hand paddles, fins, mesh bag

Phins1: water bottle, kickboard, pull buoy, fins, hand paddles, ankle strap, snorkel, spare goggles, mesh bag, racing suit (navy or black preferred)