BASH Update

TO BASH Swimmers and Families---

  1. Younger swimmers back in the water!! AG 3 look for some practice changes for next week, Tuesday Thursday will change.
  2. Important news – At our YMCA Swim League meeting earlier this week, a MAJOR Rule change was made. The League approved switching swimmers age up date to the first day of a meet. This means swimmers swim their age group at all meets now, GONE is the rule where you swim your age as of December 1 of the season. So if your swimmer ages up from age 10 to age 11 on January 12, then they will switch age groups in the middle of the season. This is the USA Swimming Rule and most YMCA Leagues around the Nation currently use this rule. Swimmers who age up right before championship will have to swim their new age at championships. The league is looking at possibly making an exception if a swimmer has their current age group qualifying times, but not their new age group qualifying times. We will let you know if this occurs.
  3. Fast Skin suits for 13 and over only. Part of the reason the above rule was voted to be changed was due to the fact that all 12 and under swimmers can no longer use the fancy “fast skin” swim suits. Therefore, at Championships, under the old age up rule, 13 year olds swimmers swimming in the 11-12 age group COULD be swimming in the “fast skin” suits and the 12 year olds could not by rule. Everyone thought that was a bit unfair.
  4. Speaking about swim suits – attached is 2 flyers from our swim suit supplier  ( flyer 1  flyer 2)– SwimVille.
    They usually come out to our Y in October, but they are not making these visits this season. Therefore, you can order on their website or call them or go to their store in Ft. Thomas KY. The listing has the required equipment needs for each swimmer. IF you don’t understand something, PLEASE ASK, don’t just buy what you think might be right of the internet.  SwimVille is offering free shipping until the end of September!
  5. ALSO – Speedo Nationally is offering BASH a fund raiser. I believe I’ll get the information about this early next week. Since BASH is a Speedo Team (meaning you should buy Speedo product, since BASH get sponsorship money and products back for free from Speedo, Inc.), we are being offer the following – Swimmers get a 10% discount during their fund raiser, and BASH will get 20% of your order back as a fund raiser. SwimVille- above- gives BASH swimmers 20% discount now, so you can decide what way works best for your swimmer and your pocketbook.
  6. I do have some reconditioned snorkels with brand new mouth pieces, some used kick boards and other equipment. Please ask. Especially if you are financially strapped! Also, anyone who is in need of some help on dues, fees, equipment, etc. Please don’t be afraid to ask, we have some extra resources to help!
  7. Officials – We have an NEW Official’s Clinic – in person, 4-8 PM on Sunday, September 27 at the ME Lyons YMCA. IF Interested, let me  (or Charlene Stevenson and we will get you information and or answer questions.
  8. Lastly, be sure you have set up your swimmers' coaching fees at the YMCA, you must either call them or do it in person! We have about 1/3 of the swimmers swimming not set up at the Y yet this season.