I hear things. Kids say stuff. Coming to swim practice is super important to a lot of them. I have heard heartfelt statements of how swim practice gives them normalcy and balance in their lives. How swim practice improves their mental health. How getting to work towards goals give them focus in their life. How getting a chance to see friends is what they look forward to in the day.

I don’t say this trivially, swim practice gives parents a break from their children and children a break from their parents. It is better for both parents and children to get away from each other for a little while.

I watch the news. It looks like we may have a hard time for a while in our area. My plea to everyone is to minimize their risks. There are some things that are out of our control, but there are things that we can control. Risk is cumulative. Smoking one cigarette most likely won’t harm you. Smoking one a day increases the chance of harm. Smoking a pack a day dramatically increases the risk. Wearing a seatbelt might be a better analogy. Not doing it once and you will probably be ok. Not wearing a seatbelt all the time and sooner or later it will catch-up to you.

Our risk is in this area is greater today than at any time since this whole thing started because there are more cases in our area, which means that there more people that have the virus that we could come in contact with. Statistically, in our area, our chances are at the highest they have ever been. AND each day it seems as if we have to ask more kids to put on their mask. I am worried that  we are getting less vigilant. Walking into swim practice without a mask probably won't cause anyone to catch the virus, but I worry that it is a reflection of behavior elsewhere. I worry that we are letting more risk into our lives in ways that aren’t worth it.

I know there are kids that if they lost swimming again it would be very hard on them. This is a plea to keep finding ways to minimize your risks. I don’t want any swimmer to lose the chance to swim again, the chance to feel normal, the chance to see their friends, the chance to work for their goals, the chance to do what they love.