7 Canyons Swimmers Make the 2019-2020 USA Swimming Scholastic All America Team

Canyons Aquatic Club recognizes seven of its swimmers who have made the prestigious USA Swimming Scholastic All America team. They are:

  • Riley Botton (Saugus High School)
  • Kyle Brill (Hart High School)
  • Maxine Catig (Hart High School)
  • Ike Harms (Canyon High School)
  • Charlie Morici (West Ranch High School)
  • Reagan Nibarger (West Ranch High School)
  • Julia Unas (Valencia High School)

These athletes maintained at least a 3.5 grade point average while meeting the 2019 Winter Junior National time standards in the pool.

The team is very proud these athletes demonstrated that they excel in the pool and in the classroom.  We have a lot pride in having some of the smartest and fastest swimmers in the country.  As a team, we were one of the top programs in the nation with most successful applicants.  In the western zone, our team was tied for 4th most, so only 3 other club swimming programs had more Scholastic All-American team members.  Additionally, Canyons had the 2nd most in all Southern California Swimming (SCS) and in the state of California!  The only team to have more in the SCS and in the state was Irvine Novaquatics.

Congratulations Canyons Aquatic Club swimmers!


Top 10 Western Zone Scholastic All-American Team Rankings

1.  Bellevue Club Swim Team - 14

2.  Scottsdale Aquatic Club - 12

3.  Irvine Novaquatics – 9

4.  Canyons Aquatic Club – 7

4.  Tualatin Hills Swim Club - 7

6.   Orinda Aquatics – 6

6.  SOCAL Aquatics Association – 6

6.  Sierra Marlins Swim Team– 6

6.  Sandpipers of Nevada- 6

10.  Rose Bowl Aquatics - 5

10.  Mission Viejo Nadadores – 5