Week Ahead 2020-2021 (#3)

In this Week Ahead: 

  • Practice News:
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Practice News: 

Firstly we would like to say we realize that this is not the best schedule we have ever had. The coaches have worked very hard to make the most out of this schedule and we will continue to improve it whenever possible. While USA-S clubs of Montgomery County have been granted a waiver increasing the number of swimmers per lane. We are still limited to only accommodating 4 athletes at a time. This limitation as well as the limited pool space has impacted our ability to schedule practices while also balancing the different swim groups that Hydro-Sonic offers. 

PLEASE do not request special changes to these schedules (they will be denied). We understand that families may certainly find difficulties in balancing these schedules and as accommodating as we have been in the past we simply cannot offer modifications at this time. 

Indoor Practice Schedule:

QOSTC practices will begin on Monday September 28th 

JCC practices will begin on October 1st

**Celeste Plus Schedule: Pre Covid Celeste Plus had the option of attending either Azul or Celeste practices at their choosing. However due to the current  restrictions we have created a specific schedule for Celeste Plus swimmers. 

Facility News: 

Quince Orchard has changed their entry and exit procedure. For QO summer member the entry and exit will be reversed for the indoor season. Drop off point being the double emergency gates in the center of the parking lot (new indoor entrance) it allows for swimmers to not have to navigate the full length of the parking lot and to enter and more easily and safely socially distance along the longer "inside the gate" pool deck outside the dome. Indoor season exit is now the smaller entry gate closest to the Club Front Door. 

Air Dome Air Exchange: Quince Orchard contracted a company to measure the air exchange (total turnover)  inside the dome. At minimum pressure all the air is vented in 73min at maximum pressure the are is vented in 43min. There is ALWAYS fresh air being mixed with inside air throughout the day. 

JCC will have similar entry and exit requirements as it has in the past. Any updated information about the JCC will be sent out prior to the first practice. 

Registration News: 

Registration is still closed for all groups. Once we have had some time to adjust to the indoor schedule or secured additional pool space we may be able to accommodate additional swimmers. 

Account Information: 

Please take some time to update any pertinent information on your family accounts or in the member section your account.  In the event of a practice cancellation we will send email/text messages to inform our families. Emails and SMS numbers must be verified in order to receive messages

In order to update any account data (email**, phone number, address, password etc) Follow the instructions below. 

Go To: 

  • My Account
    • ------> My Account
      • -----> make changes.
        • MUST CLICK SAVE at the bottom of the page
  • **Login email cannot be changed** 

In order to update any athlete data (shirt sizes, email, contact info etc) Follow the instructions below 

Athlete Data should be updated periodically in order to have the most accurate sizing for athlete. 

Go To:

  • My Account
    • ------> My Account
      • -----> Member Tab
        •  Select Member
          • make changes. 
          • MUST CLICK SAVE at the bottom of the page.  


Additional Information: