Community Pool Update
Here is a letter being circulated among the aquatics community.  Please let me know if you can help us out.
Tomorrow, September 22, there is a special meeting of the City Council. Given the urgency of our current pool crisis, this seems like as good a time as any to register for public comment. All the information for doing so is in the attached. 
The public needs to express our dire need for Idlewild to stay open year round until the Moana Springs project is complete. As I told Jenny Brekhus and Devon Reese this morning: 
"While the recent legislative bill for parks and recreation is a measure that brings hope for the future, the future we were hopeful for when Moana Pool closed in 2007 is gone. Time is up. A crisis is when something can't wait. This is the official tipping point. 
We need long term solutions, such as enclosing Traner and completing the Moana Springs Pool, but we need short term solutions today. If Idlewild Pool closes October 3, there is NO ROOM for existing swimmers and citizens to fit into Northwest and Northeast pools alone. Period. The Northeast Pool reopens October 4 and it won't even be operating at full capacity (meaning hours). It's currently scheduled to close at 6 pm daily because they don't enough staff for it. If our community had access to it until 9:00 pm Mon-Fri, this alone would expand the programming by 15 hours weekly.
In the immediate, we need your help to keep Idlewild Pool year round until a new pool is built. This is the best immediate solution by far. Many communities of similar and more extreme weather keep their outdoor pools open year round. The user groups are willing to help with private funding to keep it open if the City can staff it. Even keeping it open 9 months annually instead of 12 weeks would make a huge difference. 
Keeping Idlewild open year round is only a bandaid, but it would be a bandaid that addresses the immediate crisis. 
I look forward to your response. Our community looks forward to your response. This is an urgent matter. Thank you."