Mantas Swim Club Weekly Update

Good Morning Mantas Families,

We had a great first week of practice!  I was thrilled to see the swimmers back in the pool, and especially excited to welcome back our NOVICE team.   

A few reminders as we continue to navigate this new environment.  Each swimmer needs to complete the Pre-Practice Entrance Questionnaire EVERY DAY before coming to practice.  This involves taking their temperature and answering questions online.  It goes as follows:


You can also use this case sensitive link:

Parents, you need to help with this. 

Parents take your swimmers temperature.  (If it’s above 100.4 - THEY STAY HOME)

Have they had COVID 19 Symptoms?  (If “yes” - THEY STAY HOME)

Have they, or someone they have been in close contact with, been asked to quarantine? (If yes - THEY STAY HOME)

Have they, or someone they have been in close contact with, gotten sick with COVID 19 since their last practice? (If yes - THEY STAY HOME)

We want to take these questions VERY SERIOUSELY.  “IN CLOSE CONTACT WITH” could mean someone they’ve been around for greater than 15 minutes without a mask. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask.  

We ask that swimmers don’t leave swim bags in the locker room, but rather bring them out onto the pool deck.  While we have use of the locker rooms, we want to be quick and efficient.  

Any time a swimmer is not in the water they should have their mask on.  This means; if they have to go to the bathroom during practice (emergencies only), entering and exiting the pool and LCARC facility, and while waiting for each session to begin.  

Finally, parents, we kindly ask that you wait in your cars for your swimmers, so we don’t overwhelm the LCARC staff.

If you have any questions, I am happy to help provide answers.  More info to come in the coming weeks.  Thank you for being a part of Mantas Swim Club.  


Alex Lindstrom
Head Coach
Mantas Swim Club