Virtual Meet Update

Virtual Swim Meets Update

This season we will be hosting virtual “Time Trial” events, which will be run slightly differently from the traditional swim meets of the past. We will be hosting a total of 3 meets, one in October, one in November, and one in December. All 3 we will be hosted at our home pool here at Shady Grove, where swimmers will be able to swim their events and compete in-person against their fellow teammates. All results will be recorded and then compared to other teams in the league, to determine the swimmer’s final placement in their event, and the final score for each team.

        The current plan is to host all families in the area directly behind the Y, with swimmers entering the building through the back doors onto the Family Pool deck. There will be room for all guests to spread out in the lawn and outdoor area behind the building, or you can choose to remain in your cars if preferred. We will be announcing all events through speakers outside, and are hoping to obtain an FM transmitter so families can listen for events through their car radios.

        We will have very limited space on deck, so at the moment no parents or family members will be allowed on deck during the events, but we are planning on live-streaming the event from a camera on the pool deck, so that families will be able to watch online through our private group on Facebook!



        We are looking for input from all swim families!! Due to the nature of the new virtual events, we have more flexibility in when we will be hosting these events. We are hosting a survey on our team website to determine the date and time for each meet. The survey for our first event in October is on the website  now, please take a moment and fill this out at your earliest convenience! We expect participation from all swimmers, so please help us find a time that works best for everyone.  There is also rooom on each survey for suggestions or ideas for each meet, so let us know! We plan on hosting surveys for each event, which you will be able to find under the "Meet Central" tab on our teamunify website.

Survey for October

Declaring for Meets

For new families unfamiliar with the process of declaring for meets: before we are able to assign swimmers their events, we must determine who will be attending to ensure the meet runs as smoothly as possible. Therefore, we ask that all swim families "declare" their intention to attend the meet through our team website. On the Home page you will find a small section labeled as "Events" which will have the different meets listed. Beside each meet, there is a button labeled "Attend/Decline." Click on this and it will bring you to a screen at the bottom of which is your swimmer(s) name(s). Click on each name individually and there is a menu to select Yes or No on whether you will be attending, and a note box where you can put pertinent information, such as requested events or if you will be arriving late. Below is a slideshow indicating each step

If you have any questions, please email Coach Liam at [email protected]!