IMPORTANT – We have Been Warned!

IMPORTANT – We have Been Warned!

We have been warned by Westminster that we MUST follow the guidelines to continue to use their pool!

For a printable copy, please ckick HERE!

  • All swimmers & parents MUST wear their face masks while on campus except when in the water!
  • The WCS campus is closed to parents!
    1. Only Angel & Leopard (Coaches Sara & Kevin) Group Parents may walk their swimmers to the front (south/main) gate and pick them up from the rear (shallow end/east/ice machine) gate! No parents on the pool deck. Angel and Leopard Swimmer Parents MUST return to their car during the lesson. Parents are not allowed to watch from the fence.
    2. All other groups’ parents MUST drop off their swimmer by the front gate! You may park, but not get out of the car!
    3. Golf Carts are only allowed on campus during drop off and pick up. They may not stay on campus during the lesson or practice.
    4. No watching of lessons or practices by the fence or anywhere else on campus. Please stay in your car.
  • All swimmers must bring a completed and signed “Swimmer/Camper/Coach Health Monitoring Form” and have their temperature checked upon entering the pool area!
  • Swimmers must bring a personal (folding) chair with them to place any personal items on while swimming and leave with them at the conclusion.
  • Swimmers and Coaches will maintain a 6-foot distance from swimmers and wear face masks or shields when not in the pool.
  • Swimmers (only) enter the Westminster pool deck at the front (south) main pool entrance gate.
  • Swimmers will remove face masks only prior to entering the pool to swim.
  • Upon exiting the pool, swimmers will put their face masks on and exit thru the (east/shallow end/ice machine) gate and walk to their parent’s car.
  • All AquaKids SHARKS swimmers and parents will depart the WCS campus immediately following the practice or lesson.
  • Swimmers may find it easier to exit and walk around tennis courts to return to parents’ cars.
  • Swimmers and Parents are not to loiter in the parking lot or anywhere on the Westminster Christian School Campus.
  • Parents must be ready to pick athletes up immediately at the conclusion of their lesson.

We MUST follow these guidelines to continue to swim at Westminster! Please help by following all guidelines!

If you have any questions, please contact Coach Shirley or myself. I apologize for any inconvenience.

Thank you for your cooperation!


Coach Lou