Super Bronze and Super Squad Update with Coach Ray 9/24


Hello Super Bronze/Super Squad Families,

               We are closing out another great week of training here in September. Couple reminders going into the next couple weeks.

Friday September 25 will be the last day to register for our “SUPER SHOWDOWN” next Saturday. If you are having issues signing up or have not yet been able to do so; feel free to email either Coach Eric or myself, and we will gladly help you out.

 We have a good amount signed up, but we would love to get a couple more before next week. The “SUPER SHOWDOWN” is our first official meet for our Super groups, and it is a great opportunity to see the improvements made over the summer. This meet will be Wilton Wahoos ONLY, during our normal Saturday practice times on October 3rd.

Once you are signed up for the “SUPER SHOWDOWN,” Coach Eric and I will pick the events for each swimmer to compete. We will only choose events the athletes are capable and ready to swim.

If you are unable to attend. Please, hit decline on the webpage; for us to properly setup the pool for the number of athletes. Just a reminder, we will not be allowing any spectators to remain on the pool deck during the meet.

Below I will post the link to the “SUPER SHOWDOWN,” for those who may not have seen it previously, or have had issues locating the page:\

               As we get moving into October, we have been challenging our swimmers with more laps, but re-iterating strong practice habits as well as balanced swimming technique. As always, we are making sure things are fun!

Again, if there are any questions, comments, or concerns. Please, do not hesitate to reach out.



Coach Ray