Pool and Swim Team Update!

RUSH Families,

  1. With this unusually cold weather we have had a significant drop in the water temperature at the pool. We are unable to install our large heaters for the pool water at that time. We are required to wait for a certificate of occupancy from the City of Austin before setting the heaters up.

So here is the plan:

  • We are already starting to cover the pool with the tarps. These keep the heat in very well! When the sun is out, and the weather is warm the water heats up very easily and we want to hold that heat in the water as long as possible.
  • We have placed an order for an extra heater and propane delivery. We do not know yet when this will be delivered and installed. This will be a temporary set up and we will be keeping the water temperature at about 79* This set up will keep the water warm enough for the athletes to safely swim.
  • Gold and Senior swimmers need to bring dryland clothes to the pool on any days under 65* If the water temperature gets too chilly, we will be supplementing with exercise out of the pool.


  1. The temporary trailer bathrooms will be removed from our facility next week. We will no longer have bathroom use at the pool. If there is an emergency a coach will walk the swimmer to the clubhouse to use the bathroom, however that will only be an option when 2 coaches are on deck. We typically have 2 coaches on deck but there are occasional swim meets and sick days that limit us to one coach. Please have your swimmers use the bathroom before arriving at practice. The bathroom trailer must be moved so the construction crew can continue working on the facilities and stay on track for our official opening.
  2. Swim team equipment is required for all participants. Attached is a document listing what equipment each swimmer needs. We are not able to offer swimmers equipment from lost and found at this time. All equipment can be found online at or at D & J Sports off Research Blvd. Swim caps are required for swim meet participants and can be purchased from Coach Sam. We are not requiring a team swim suit this year because swim meets are optional. If you would like a team suit they can be ordered at D & J Sports.


  1. Swim meets will be available, but they are optional. We will be limiting the number of participants for all events and registrations will be entered in the order they are received. Also, meet warm-ups are optional. Your swimmers still need to be at the pool on time for warm-ups but if the pool is too crowded for your families comfort level swimmers are not required to warm-up.


  1. The swim team t-shirt order has been placed. As soon as they arrive we will begin handing them out at practice. We will not have t-shirts available for parents to purchase this year.


Please let me know if you have any questions or comments. This season has thrown us Covid and construction and we are learning as we go the best way to provide for all our swimmers and their families. Thank you so much for your patience!!!

- Coach Sam