2019 -2020 YMCA Top 16 Swims SCY

Congratulations to the GRYM Seniors once again. 

USA Swimming Top 10

Congratulations to Lucas Hodgson and Alexandra Bastone who placed in the 2019-2020 Top 10 in USA Swimming this past year. Alexandra was 9th in the age 14 1650FR this year, and Lucas was 9th in the age 15 100FR and 5th in the age 15 200FR.

CT Swimming Top 16

In a partial season with no championship meet for many, we were able to complie 110 x CT Top 16 swims this season.  Complete (tentative) results can be found here: https://www.ctswim.org/Customer-Content/www/CMS/files/Recognition/2019-20CSItop16_preview.pdf

Please note that an additional 12 swims from our August meet would be Top 16 swims, but under CT Swimming's Return to Competition policy, August swims do not count to LSC recognition programs.  We had three swimmers with top times in CT.  Congrats to Thacher, Lucas, and Alexandra.

Congrats to the following 22 GRYM Seniors with Top 16 swim:

Alex Plavoukos
Alexandra Bastone
Avery Sammons
Christian Lanuza
Claire Michalik
Eric Stehmann
Felipe Leao
Gavin Molloy
Hutton Saunders
James Pascale
Justin Jacob
Leszek Ciecimirski
Lucas Hodgson
Marcus Hodgson
Mark Merson
Michael O'Malley
Natsu Nishizawa
Patrick Mullen
Peter Michalik
Sabrina Hobert
Thacher Scannell
Thomas Lewis