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Enhanced Change Room Access

Effective Monday, September 28th the Town of Newmarket will enhance access of MAGNA Centre change rooms.

New guidelines:

  • Following swim practice, swimmers will have access to stalls in the family change room (this change room is gender neutral and there is no nudity permitted in the change room.
  • There will be no access to showers
  • There will be no access to lockers
  • There will be no access to hair dryers
  • There will be no access to bathing suit spinners
  • There will be no access to electrical outlets
  • Face coverings are mandatory when using the change room
  • Swimmers will enter the family change room, use a stall and then follow directions to exit the family changeroom and return to the pool deck via the women’s changeroom
  • The change room will be cleaned/sanitized throughout the day

We will ask that swimmers be prepared to change out of their wet suits and into dry gear in 5 minutes or less as there are a limited number of stalls and we want to keep transition times between groups at the present level. 

Swimmers will not have access to the change room prior to swim practice so we continue to ask that our swimmers come “beach ready” in their swim suits to practice.

This access will help keep our swimmers dry and comfortable when they go from swim sessions to outdoor dryland sessions.

For further questions about this new access please contact our office at