Weekly Update 9/28/2020

1. I was told that I need to make certain that the parent sign the check-in sheets. So, from now on please meet me at the doors with your child and I can have you sign in your child to practice and sign out of practice. Children whom are 13 years old and older, can sign themselves in and out. 

2. New Dryland Exercises: Gorilla Crawl & Bear Crawls. Please do these exercises in addition to the Jumping Jack series & Inch Worm from last week. Please pick three to do each day, and rotate through the exercises.

3. Also, just a quick reminder that Dolphins and Sharks end at 5:00 and the Orcas group ends at 6:00. It does normally take us a few minutes to get everyone packed up and outside but we will try to get there close to that end of that time slot. 

4. This Saturday, October 3rd,  at our 3:00 practice slot, we will be having our first time trial. Please let me know if you can attend so that we know if we have enough room and coaches available. I will start asking the kids in practice, but please email me if you are available. This will be open to all groups, but space will be limited. I will try to organize it once I know how many swimmers are available.

5. The Next time Trial I have scheduled for October 24th at 3:00. You can just pencil that in at the moment.

6. Wildwood Waves link for shirts & other team items.  Team store will close on October 15th, 11:59 pm.