HOD: Request for legislative/policy changes and your club's hosted swim meet sch

As we prepare for the annual South Texas Swimming House of Delegates meeting on October 10, please take a minute to submit any legislative or policy proposals to me ( as soon as possible, or by October 6 at the latest, so they can be posted on the website for review by our member clubs prior to the meeting.

To make our meet planning session run smoothly, please send me your planned meets to host for the next 12-18 months. Please include the meet host, name, venue, dates, and any other information (such as closed, invited teams, etc.) and send by October 6.

Obviously, our championship meet season may be a bit different this season than in years past. However, if your club is willing and able to host a South Texas Swimming championship meet (B Champs, Jr STAGS, or STAGS) for short course or long course, please submit your bid in advance by including the meet name, host, venue, and dates. Please confirm facility availability prior to submitting your bid and, if possible, please also include any known/relevant facility restrictions or limitations due to COVID-19.

Thank you.

Jessica Evans
Admin Vice Chair
South Texas Swimming