Health Survey needs to be done each day

Dear Swimmers and Families,


It’s fantastic to see our club back at our home base and we hope that training provides some semblance of “normal” to our lives again. It’s a very different process now to enter and exit VAC, but we appreciate your kind understanding and cooperation in upholding the procedures for the safety of your swimmer, coaches and staff.

Many thanks to Coach Khosro for taking on the unpopular task of being our Health & Safety Officer and gatekeeper. Please remember to complete the daily health survey BEFORE your training session. It only takes 30 seconds and helps to keep us all safe. If it’s not complete, then your swimmer will not be allowed to join the session. The survey MUST be completed each time you train at VAC for the purposes of contact tracing and it is a strict requirement of Swim BC. Failure to uphold this protocol will nullify CDSC’s insurance should anything go amiss.

Thank you for helping us maintain our good standing at VAC and remember to smile with your eyes at Khosro behind your mask as he welcomes you each day. We are grateful to our entire coaching team for working around the clock to ensure a safe return to the pool. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us at [email protected].

Warm regards,

CDSC Coaches and Board of Directors