WWSC Practice Procedure during Pool Closure


Waves Families
I heard from Tim, the pool manager, about the pool closure happening at the Wasilla Pool. The pool will be closed to the public starting October 9th. The Waves have been allowed to continue to practice during the closure. There are many restrictions that we will need to follow.

1) The front foyer will be closed. Swimmers will enter through the back door. Swimmers will go directly to the pool area. No one is allowed access to other areas of the school.
2) Swimmers will need to arrive and leave in their swim suits.
3) Swimmers will shower on deck.
4) Locker rooms and bathrooms will not be accessible. Most of our groups meet for short period of time. Please try to take care of bathroom needs before coming to practice. If this is an issue please contact a coach.
5) Parents will not be able to spectate from the bleachers.
I am sorry for the inconveniences. The pool manager stated that they will be very strict about these restrictions. The construction should take 6-12 weeks.
I understand these limitations are frustrating. The positive that comes from it is that we can continue to hold practices in Wasilla. We do not have drive to the Palmer Pool. If we had swim at Palmer we would be sharing the pool with NLSC. That means we would be down to 3 lanes. We are needing all 6 lanes to keep social distancing our groups. Thank you for your flexibility and positive mindset with this matter.
Coach Chris