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FLIGHT PLAN 10/1/2020

FLIGHT PLAN 10/1/2020

Happy October!  The weather is cooler, the leaves are turning, the water is still the same temperature, and the JETS are approaching their first competition since March!  This is the monthly newsletter, called the Flight Plan.  It is a summary of what’s coming up and information to get to our JETS families.  Please take the time to read this entire newsletter at your leisure, so you can be best informed:

Upcoming Dates to Know:

1 Oct – Coach Ashleigh processes all USA Swimming Athlete Registrations (that’s the $81.00 you paid at registration.

4 Oct – Last day to order Custom Name Caps through Eich’s

4 Oct – Coach Ashleigh will attend the Illinois Swimming House of Delegates Meeting – more information to come about Illinois Swimming Championship Meets

7 Oct – Last day to order JETS Apparel through Eich’s (see JETS homepage for link)

12 Oct – Last day to order JETS Swim Suit & Team Apparel through Eich’s (see JETS homepage for link)

12 Oct – YES, we will have practice on Columbus Day!

19 Oct – Last day to submit Cookie Dough Fundraiser orders!

22-29 Oct – JETS Facebook Pumpkin Carving Contest

31 Oct – NO PRACTICE – Halloween!  Come to the Spooktacular@Avery from 5-7pm

1 Nov – 2020 YMCA National Virtual Meet @ Smith YMCA

9-13 Nov – Tentative Cookie Dough Pickup days – more details and exact date/time to come.

10 Nov – Swim Team Pictures @ Avery (no group photo this year)

26-27 Nov – NO PRACTICE – Thanksgiving Holiday

24-25 Dec – NO PRACTICE – Christmas Holiday

31 Dec – 1 Jan – NO PRACTICE – New Year’s Holiday


Here are a few reminders:

  1. Email is the primary means of communication to get information out to all families.  Please try to check your email at least once per day for information from the JETS.
  2. Please use your Practice Group Coaches as a first resource when you have questions or concerns.  If your Practice Group Coach is unable to assist you, then contact your swimmer’s Roster Coach.  Here is a list of the Roster Coaches contacts:
    1. Avery Zepppelin – Jessie Crnich (
    2. Avery Glider A – Alyssa Vallejo (
    3. Avery Stunt Pilot A – Heather Barry (
    4. ML/M3/M2/M1 A&B, Glider B, Stunt Pilot B, M1 B – Ashleigh Thomas (
  3. THERE ARE NO PARENTS ALLOWED ON-DECK at practice OR meets.  This is a safety rule that MUST be followed.  As a reminder, all coaches working with the swimmers have passed TWO background checks and they are all Water Safety/Lifeguard, First Aid, AED, and CPR Certified.  We also have Lifeguards on duty during all practices.
  4. As a reminder, all swimmers MUST BE REGISTERED MEMBERS OF THE YMCA in order to be a part of this team, and that member must remain throughout the time your swimmer is on the JETS.
  5. All JETS swimmers must be registered members of USA Swimming.  The $81.00 charge on your account during registration covers the cost of this annual fee.
  6. It is October 1st, so swimmers should start bringing their equipment to practice.  If you have any fins your swimmer has outgrown, we will gladly take them, sanitize them, and find a JETS swimmer in need of those fins.


Head Coach’s Notes

We are off to a great start to the season! 

We will be shifting our focus this month from getting used to the water to getting ready to compete.  Since our first meet is hosted by us, we do need everyone to think about their potential role in volunteering.

Swimming is a sport that relies on volunteers, so we are very thankful for all our volunteer families.  As a reminder, volunteering to meet your season requirement does not have to be strictly a parent of a swimmer – grandparents, aunts/uncles, high school-age siblings, OR even your own high school JETS swimmer! 

If you are interested in something more specific, you should look at Officiating.  Officiating gives you the best seat in the house on the pool deck each meet, and it fulfills your volunteering requirement.  

I hope your cookie dough selling is going well so far!  The coaching staff and JPAC also fundraise, and I’m happy to report after one week, I am already at 21 units!  A couple tips:

  1. Ask anyone and everyone – even if you think a person won’t buy, still ask them!  This gives you an opportunity to sell the sponsorship opportunity, even if they don’t want to buy!
  2. Utilize social media to get the pictures of the product out!  Pictures of the cookies are a big selling point.  The Scoreboard App allows you to get this out over social media or email. 
  3. If you are looking to sell to those out of the local area, consider this challenge I received from a AF Veteran friend of mine – she purchased 5 units of dough, and told me to bake them all and give them to a charitable or Veteran organization.  Not a bad idea, right?!
  4. Don’t forget to be positive and enthusiastic – you may not go gaga over cookie dough, but you can still show your positive enthusiasm toward the JETS!


Here are some FAQ’s I’ve received over the past week with their answers:

Does my swimmer need to buy a JETS swim suit?

If you do not want to purchase a JETS suit, you will need to purchase a solid black one piece suit (girls) or jammer/brief (boys) – solid black suits cannot have another team’s logo on it.  You can go to our team store on our website to place your suit order by Oct 12th.

***If you have a swimmer in need who cannot purchase a suit, please contact Coach Ashleigh who maintains a stock of gently used JETS suits.


How do I order the caps with the names on them?

Our local vendor, Eich’s has a store currently open to place an order!


Where do I purchase the JETS caps without the names?

 You can purchase a regular JETS cap at the front desk of Avery or Galowich YMCA's for $10.00.


Who do I contact for Sponsorship?

We are always looking for sponsors and not just as a substitute for our fundraiser.  If you have questions regarding sponsorship, contact Coach Ashleigh at


What if I have questions about fundraising?

Questions about fundraising can be directed to Lacie Pifko:

Any additional questions can be directed toward your swimmer’s Practice Coach. 


Coach Ashleigh