Equipment needed

Good morning Parents!

Just a quick note to remind all parents and swimmers that while practicing at the CyFair facilities, there will not be any access to school equipment (no kick boards, fins, pull buoys).  This means each swimmer MUST bring their own equipment marked with their name on it.  If you don't have this equipment, please visit D&J Sports to get the gear you need. (mention you're with Lone Star)

RANGERS & STRIPES I & II - Goggles, Swim Cap, Kickboard

WHITE I & II - Goggles, Swim Cap, Kickboard, Fins

RED I & II AND BLUE I & II -  Goggles, Swim Cap, Kickboard, Fins, Pull Buoy

JUNIOR/SENIOR -  Goggles, Swim Cap, Kickboard, Fins, Pull Buoy, Snorkel 

Be sure swimmers bring their equipment every day.  We will not be able to give out goggles or caps for your swimmer's use.  And when picking up, please be sure your child has left with all their gear as well.

Please make sure your swimmers is set up for success!