Hey Team! 

A lot of important information coming at you. 

1. Due to the meet this weekend no practice on Sunday OR next weekend due to the CUDA meet. 

2. EVERY FAMILY on the team must fill out the CSI Waiver. If you have done it before you do not need to do it again.

3. Schedule for next week 10/5 - 10/9 - there is NO change to Blue, Bronze, Silver and Gold Monday - Friday. No practice on the weekend due to meet. 

For groups 1-4 NO change on Monday. 

Here is the rest of the week- we will be resting up for the meet at VMAC. 


In person athletes 6-7AM

Groups 1 + 3 7-830AM

Groups 2 + 4 230-4PM


In person athletes 6-7AM

Groups 2 + 4 7-8AM

Groups 1 + 3 230- 330PM


In person athletes 6-7AM

Group 2 + 3 7-8AM

Groups 1+4 230-330PM



Groups 2 + 3 230-330PM

Groups 1 + 4 330-430PM

In person 430-530PM 

4. Fall break October 12th- 17th. During this time we will have to take a few days off we are trying to coordinate with the management company on getting the boilers worked on. Blue, Bronze, Silver and Gold will have that full week off. Groups 1-4 may or may not have practice depending on pool management. We will keep you posted. 

5. There is hope we will get Cherry Creek soon, sometime after fall break, and that will adjust the practice schedule obviously. We do not have an exact date. We would like to get the younger kids indoors  ASAP. So we are hesitant to put out a full new schedule just yet to just have to change it...

If we don't have creek on the week of the 19th - The schedule will be similar to what we have been doing the only major change is we have Friday nights now that the neighborhood is closed and Silver and Gold will have practice on Friday. Silver will not have practice on Thursdays and Gold will not on Wednesdays. But NOTHING is set in stone right now, just trying to keep those groups in the loop. 


6. Lastly, I have dreaded the day I had to write this email... Coach Emily will moving on to the next chapter in her life and will no longer be the silver coach. We knew this would happen some day, and are so grateful we could keep her as long as we did. She is an AMAZING coach and has done so much for this program. She was a swimmer for us before becoming a coach. She has helped this team dramatically change over the past few years. She has changed the 12 and under program to make them more disciplined and dedicated than ever.  She is truly family and will be truly missed. It is really hard to see her go but we are SO PROUD of her and her next steps!  Her last day is October 8th feel free to come say good bye to her! She has secured a nursing position up in Colorado Springs and will be moving. She will be back to visit and help out when she can, hopefully come watch some meets as well. :] I wish there was a way to get the team together to celebrate her. The coaches will be getting together if parents want to drive by or something LOL!!! But please make sure to reach out to her over email, phone, anything I can do to help connect you with her let me know! 


7. We do have a replacement coach for her lined up already. Someone you all know and hopefully love, but that is for another day. But we have a few more things to work out before it is official. 


Thats all for now! Get ready for an amazing weekend and please make sure to read everything CARFULLY!! And fill out health waiver 1-12 hours before the meet ;]