LCSC Coho Update 7 October 2020

LCSC Coho Update                  7 October 2020

Rec Center Safety Protocols Reminder
~Conduct Covid-19 Safety Check at home.  Err on the side of safety.
~Come to practice and leave practice in swim gear plus outer clothing. All gear and clothing stays on deck. 
~Locker rooms for bathroom use only.  No showers or clothing storage.
~Masks on at all times except when in the water.
~Social distancing on deck as much as possible.

LCSC Group Descriptions Review
As we begin the autumn season, a quick review of each group’s entry requirements and graduation goals is in order.  With all groups at full capacity, and a growing waiting list, it is important that swimmers understand the graduation goals and demonstrate focus on achieving both the group goals and their individual goals.  
LCSC Group Descriptions may be found at:

Coho Team Equipment
Each swimmer is expected to come to practice prepared with their own personal training gear.  Swimmers will be provided with a “Coho Kick Stick.”  Coaches will label newly provided kick sticks with the swimmer’s name. Lost sticks may be replaced for a $5 charge.  All other equipment may be purchased through the LCSC Team Store with SwimOutlet: 
Bronze/Silver/ Gold
~Finis Alignment kickboard (available through team store on website)
~Finis PDF fins (available through team store on website)
~Coho Kick Stick
~PDF fins
~Coho Kick Stick
~Resistance gear
Swimmers are expected to have their Coho Kick Sticks at every practice, and are expected to have the additional equipment listed above as soon as possible.  

Team Suits
We are currently developing a plan to switch to Jolyn suits for the team.  More information on our new team suit will be available near the end of October.

Coho Swim Cap Order
Latex team caps will soon be in for all swimmers.  Each swimmer may receive two latex caps per year, and purchase additional caps at $5.  Silicone caps must be ordered in pairs (either no name on cap, $25/pair; or name on cap, $35/pair).  Cap orders are processed in October, and then again in February.  Please email all orders to Coach Vince by Friday, October 16.

Bronze/Silver Invitation
Bronze/Silver swimmers are invited to stay at the pool an additional 25 minutes during the week (excluding Saturdays).  If your swimmer is interested in extra instruction time, please notify the Coho coaches of their interest.  Time on task leads to greater skill acquisition.

Goal Sheets
All swimmers are expected to provide coaches with a completed goal sheet each season.  Goal sheets are expected to be written in hand by each individual swimmer.  Autumn 2020 Goal Sheets are due no later than Friday, October 16. Goal sheets may be found at this team page:

Saturday Practice Invitations
This year brings another new twist to our schedule: Saturday practice by invitation only.  This applies to Senior, Platinum, and Gold group swimmers (Bronze/Silver 2 swims on Saturday from 10:00-11:00 a.m.).  Swimmers will be invited to swim on Saturdays based on the following criteria:
1. Attitude: Saturday practice is provided for LCSC swimmers possessing a strong positive attitude towards elite-level training.
2. Attendance: A consistent record of excellent attendance over an extended period of time is also a prerequisite to a Saturday invite.
3. Attention to Detail: Swimmers demonstrating daily skill development and consistency of applying the expected technical skills daily will be considered for Saturday invites.
Swimmers will be verbally informed on Wednesday after practice if they are being invited for the Saturday practice.   Questions regarding Saturday practice invitations may be directed to Coach Vince.

Thank you for a great start to the indoor season!
Your LCSC Coho Coaches